Texting him/He asks u out

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Donnie: You were sitting in your room all fine and dandy working on your expirement. You could not stop thinking about that nice turtle you met in the junkyard. Your phone pulled you out of your thoughts as it set of your Big Bang Theory ring tone.

Donnie: hey

You: hey

Donnie: is this Y/N?

You: sure is. Donnie right?

Donnie: yup.

You: what's up?

Donnie: Well the sky the sun outerspace.

You: good point but not what I meant.

Donnie: I was actually wondering if maybe you would want to.......

You: Yes.

Donnie: I didn't even finish

You: Trust me Ik what u were gonna say and I say yes.

Donnie: meet me on ur rooftop tomorrow.


You went to bed with the biggest smile on your face.

Mikey: Sitting in your living room playing video games was great until ur phone went off.

Mikey: hey dudette

You: sup

Mikey: So I really liked the way you we're skating yesterday and I was wondering if you would go out with me sometime.

You: sure

Mikey: I know that you might say no because I'm a-wait what?

You: yes

Mikey: Cool! Meet me @ the skteprk @ mdnght.

You: k

You set your phone down and finished your game. By that time it was around 11:30. So you got up and got dressed and ready for your guys's first date.

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