first date/meet the family

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Raph: You rolled over on your bed waiting. Raph called you earlier that morning to tell you that you guys were going on a surprise date tonight. Well your outfit was based on the color of his mask so it was cute that you came up with that. Your dress was a one strap short dress with the perfect shoes to go with. Your lip stick matched great as well. Everything was coming together. (Picture At the top). Finally after what seemed like forever Raph was at the window opening it. "Hey sorry it took so long." He whispered as you ninja crawled out. "That's okay. At least your here." You said with a smile. He chuckled and picked you up bridal style, slowly making his way to the rooftops. After a couple of jumps and a few minutes of running he stops and yells "MIKEY!". "Whoey?" You ask as Raph sets you down. "My annoying little bother Mikey" "Do u all have masks over your eyes?" "yea why?" "Is Mikey's orange?" "Yea why?" "Does he like to stare at peoples faces three inches away?" "What?" Raph said turning around to see Mikey inches from your face. "Hi my name is Mikey!" Mikey said holding out his hand. "Y/N" you say but was cut off by someone yelling. "Mikey get over here! Leave Raph and his friend alone!" A turtle with a blue mask tells while jumping over. "Leo sorry for the trouble." Leo says while going over to help Mikey. A tall turtle with a purple mask comes over to you. "Holy turtles" you whisper to yourself. "Yea I know. Luckily I'm the last one. I'm Donnie." Donnie says shaking your hand. "Pleasure to meet you" "Aaaaahhhh! Raph I don't bend that way!" You heard Mikey scream. "Excuse me for a minute." Donnie said walking over and shoving his bo staff in between Raph and Mikeys body's hanging on it so it would pull them apart. You walked over and put your index fingers in the crooks of Mikeys and Raph's necks and pushed down. Each one screamed and fell asleep. Leo and Donnie looked at you in surprise and you held up three fingers counting down. They both woke up and you grabbed Raph's hand. "Cmon let's go." And you all went on your way. "Anyone else I need to know about?" You ask. "We have a father/sensei. He's a giant rat. His name is Master Splinter." You two kept walking until you got to the pizza place where you and Raph got together. There was a beautiful little date place set up with a red rose And everything. You two had pizza dinner on the top of your Uncle Tonys pizza place.

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