You Find His Baby Pictures

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Raph: You were cleaning up with Raph as you two were moving to the room down the hall. Well you had half the room clean then Splinter called Raph out for his individual training session. Splinter liked to give each of you an individual session so he could figure out what you were doing wrong and help you improve. Anyways you smiled as he left and you kept going through the room and packing it up......until you find a small shoe box. The top of it read "RAPH" and you were kind of curious. You opened the box and the first thing you saw was the cutest thing youve ever seen. It was a baby picture of Raph but he was mad and pouting with his arms crossed and everything. "Awwwww. Thats so freaking adorable!!!" You practically squealed. You slipped the picture in a frame and stuck into a box. *Time Skip* Once you and Raph got situated into the bigger room down the hall you were unpacking your stuff and situating it the way you and Raph wanted it. Suddenly you hear "Hey Y/N. Whered you get this?!" Raph asked as he showed you the framed baby picture. You smiled and gave him that 'you know why' look. He smiled and set in on the shelf next to your Pop figurines. You smiled and yawned. "Time for bed huh?" He smiled and you two layed down soon falling asleep.

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