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Raph: You were scared. Sitting in a cold dark alley by yourself. Running and hiding from someone you never thought you would have had to run from. You were sitting in this alley with nothing but the sound of your own breathing. "Y/N. Why would you run from me? I thought you loved me?" Raph said with his emerald eyes sparkling. You smiled and nodded your head. His eyes flipped and were nothing but white. His voice sounded like a thousand souls screaming. "THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE?!?!" He screamed as he stabbed a sai through your leg.

You shot up screaming and gripping your leg. Tears streaming down your face you look at the clock. 3 pm. You napped. Raph came rushing in, sais in hand. You screamed and hid under the blanket. He looked concerned and pulled the blanket off of you. He put the sais away and held you in his arms. You just cried and told him what happened.  He just held you tighter and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. Raph did this until you fell asleep.

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