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Okay , so you've finished thiiiss book (: Congratz, if you'd like i have a sequel to it !


The "Perfect" Getaway !!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY !

Okay so here's a little sneak peek of the sequel , I'll give you half of the first chapter ! (:

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Chapter 1: Horrible Memories

I slipped on my blue strapless dress, put my gold gladiator scandals on and looked myself in the mirror. Yeah, you look fine. Good, blue would go great with yellow (which happened to be our school color yellow and white) and the gold shoes just make it even better. I walked over to my jewelry box and slipped on my a charm bracelet Keith had gotten me, and a necklace my dad had gotten me with my name ingraved in it. I wore it every day, since he died well…two months ago.

The Garrison’s had taken custody of me, which I was okay with, I was glad they were the ones who would take me, I didn’t want to live with another family friend. You see, dad had gone back to Afghanistan, my senior year and a couple school years behind. Anyway, they had gone under attack, ambushed. One of dad’s friends had gotten shot (the one with the pregnant wife) and my dad followed his dog tags which stated ‘Never leave a wounded soldier behind’. He’d gone back to get him and while he dragged him back to the safe base he had gotten shot multiple in the back.

He somehow got the other soldier into safety as he risked his life for his friend, his fellow warrior. It was a sad moment and I still cry every once and a while.

Well , thats half of the first chapter ! Please go check out the sequel if you wanna read more !! (:



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