Chapter 15 "Thirdly stop playing me."

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Chapter 15: "Thirdly stop playing me"

Keith and I walked into the house bags in hand even though there were only two. He unlocked the door as we stepped in.

"Ahh!" A girl screamed again, which you may have figure was Kelsey. Carson and Kelsey were in the hallway righ in front of the door having a very deep kiss. I raised an eyebrow and walked over to the kitchen sitting the stuff down. Keith right behind me. I put the chiken in the sink with hot water to let it thaw and then pushed everything else to the side.

"Carson, baby i have to go now." Kelsey said.

"Finally!" I yelled putting my hands in the air. everybody glanced at me.

"What the hell's that suppose to mean?" Kelsey asked me all snoppy like.

"I want you out!" I said smiling hugely and jumping up and down pointing at the door.

"I leave when I ready." She protested.

"Well, currently I'm ready for you to leave and Mrs. Garrison said that I'm in charge so get out of the house and let everybody live peacfuly PLEASE!" I said motioning her to the door. She huffed and stomped out. I jumped up and fisted pumped the air as the door slammed. Carson smirked at me.

"Did mom really say that?" He asked arms folded leaning against the door frame.

"Nope. Somebody has to have authority in this house." I answered taking out a pot and putting water in it.

"Oh, you dont like...her?" Carson asked me.

"I'm not to judge, I dont even know her, but she seems like a bitch. It really doesnt matter what I think, she's your girlfriend." I told him as i turned on the stove.

"Right...thats right. She's my girlfriend."  Carson said quietly. I looked at him oddly and turned back around. I searched for Keith, but saw him walking up the stairs on the phone. I shrugged and put my elbows on the counter and leaned over. I felt hands go around my waist. I quickly turned around as Carson smiled down at me.

"Let me go." I said wiggling out of his grip.

"Whats so wrong with holding you?" Carson asked sadly.

"First of all, that was random, secondly, you have a girlfriend that probably would freak the *fudge* out of she saw you doing that, and third stop playing me." I answered not mad at all not sad or annoyed just normal me.

"Playing you?" Carson asked confused.

"You know, acting like you like me and flirting and stuff when you really already have a girlfriend." I answered as Keith made his way down the stairs and sat down i the wooden chair next to me.

"I'm not playing you Raine." Carson said sounding a little hurt.

"Then stop acting like you care, like you really like me when you dont because I'm just a toy to you." I said dumping the noodels in the boiled water.

"Your not my toy. I already won you." He said quietly.

"You cant call dibs on me Carson, thats not how it works." I told him stirnly looking at him.

"I didnt cal-"

"Drop it please. Im having a perfect day and i dont want to ruin it because of a stupid argument. Arent you having a perfect day?" I asked him trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, till now." He answered lowly still staring at me.

"See, so just forget what just happened." I told him smiling at him at least trying to make him feel better. He smiled weakly and flipped his hair.

"Now, lets be our normal selfs and mess around like usually." I said laughing. The phone then rang. I walked over to it but Carson stood in front of me. "Move a side buddy boy." I said shoving him lightly.

"Nope, remeber we're going to mess around like usually. I'm messing with you, jus tlike nothing happened." He smiled

"Carson, haha seriously that could be somebody important. Move." I said laughing alittle.

"Nope, I hold my ground. I guess your going to have to get passed me." He answered still smiling.

"Seriously dude move. It could be your mom calling." I told him looking into to his deep blue eyes.

"Oh well, if it was that important she'll call me or Keith's cell phone." Carson ressured me. The phone rang for the last time and then stopped. Carson moved happily. I rolled my eyes and looked at the phone. I pressed the missed call number as the phone began to speak.

"Missed call from..Unknown caller. Play back message?" it asked. I pressed he green message. "Message play back: Hey Raine, its daddy. When you get a chance message or mail me. I used the last phone call for the week. Miss you lots. Love you.End of message. To delete this message press one, to play again press two to go to main menu press three."

My face fell.

"I-I I didnt know." Carson stuttered. I forced a smile on my face.

"No, its fine. I'll just email him." I said tiliting my head and faking another smile. Carson nodded unhappily.

Carson just made me miss my dads phone call. How come whenever something bad happenes it's all ways Carsons fault?

"I'll make it up to you, I promise." Carson said pleading. I just starred at him. "When mom and dad and the others come back I'll take you to my favorite spot. It'll be totally cool. Okay." Carson said. Keith was currently out of the room back on the phone.

"Okay, Garrison. You'll just have to make it up to me then" I answered smiling.

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