Chapter 2

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The following morning, the social worker and I created a list of things I needed to make sure I had for my flight. Everything else, Mrs. Garrison had offered to ship over once I was officially settled down. Standing in the middle of the bedroom, I go down my check list.

Clothes? Check.

Sanctuary items? Check.

Electronics? Check.

School material? Check.

Personal items? Check, check and check.

I had everything Iw anted and needed. I throw everything in the four large duffle bags Miranda, the social worker, and I were able to find hidden in my dads closet. Packing everything goes by quickly, and while Miranda is working out logistics of this new move, I decide to distract myself.

The house felt empty and I felt empty too. The last thing I wanted to think about were the evets that occurred the other day and how my grandmother was no longer with us. If anything, the house stilled smelled like her vanilla perfume and just the thought has tears coming to my self. But I force them away and sit on the couch. Miranda says that Mrs. Garrisons hould be flying in soon, but I pay that no mind. I decide instead to play a few video games on the xbox. Watching TV wouldn't be enough, I needed something to actually distract me.

Three hours go by and at this time, I am completely immersed in Call of Duty Zombies. This was my favorite game to play with my dad and it was just comforting honestly. Comforting to feel like I could connect with him and I wasn't alone. It easily washed away any of the sadness, confusion and anger that tried to fill my body.

"Why won't you die?" I grunt to myself, pressing the right trigger button quickly.

I'm immediately pulling from my game when Miranda taps me on the shoulder. I click the button to pause it before looking up at her, "Mrs. Garrison has arrived," Immediately I freeze, "She is waiting outside for you. She can come in if you'd like, but she doens't have to."

"We should meet her outside." I say confidently, or the best that I can.

It would get me out the house.

We both grab my bags and haul them out the door, Miranda taking the liberating to lock the house behind us. As soon as I look up from my feet, I am met with a woman with fair skin and freckles littering her face, her brown hair is long and falls past her shoulders. We awkwardly stare at each other, and she's the first one to smile. I offer one back to her.

Walking slowly down the sidewalk the lead to the front door, I lick my lips, glancing behind her at the taxi I can only guess she took from the airport.

"Hi Raine."

"Hi," I say back.

"I'm Mrs. Garrison – Jen actually, you can all me Jen. It's so nice to finally meet you."

How long has she known about me.

"I know it's been a lot, but we can talk everything over on the plane or in the car. Really whatever works best for you okay?"

I nod, I wans't sure what to say. I think everything was hitting me all of once, the realiziation that my life really was being uprooted. I'm not even able to process my own emotions because Miranda is quick to speak behind me.

"I think it's great if you both get to know each other, makes the transition a little easier. But we have to get you both going. I have another case I have to get to and your flight is going to leave in an hour and a half."

"Right!" Mrs. Garrison — Jen says with a determined look in her eye, "Come on sweetie, let's get you packed in the car."

Within seconds, everything is packed and shoved into the trunk of the Taxi. I try to say goodbye to Miranda, but she just pulls me into a tight hug and even kisses the top of my head. She keeps saying she's sorry for my loss, but she knows I'll do fine.

I don't know if I believe her. 

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