Chapter 26: Hot Chocolate and a movie.

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Chapter 26: Hot Chocolate and a movie.

It was a little late not to late where majority of the younger boys had to go to sleep, we were all sitting in the living room. Kali and Jeremy (Mrs. And Mr. Garrison) were curled up together on the couch, Travis sat on the far end, his head on the arm of the couch as he starred at the TV, Lucas and Conner sat on the other side of their parents. I curled up on the floor slightly leaning on Taylor and Mason slightly leaning on me. Keith and Jacob sat together in bean bag chairs while Carson and Linc sat in bean bag chairs on the other side. Henry was curled up in the middle of the floor.

We were watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid which may I say is the funniest kid movie I've seen in a long time. I laughed loudly and Henry giggled and Travis continued to say silly. Everybody else seemed uninterested in the movie which I could see why, it was a kid movie. I sipped my hot chocolate and smiled at the TV.

"So silly!" Travis said loudly but to only be shushed by Henry. I leaned my head on Taylor as his head fell on mine.

"This is a stupid movie." He whispered to me.

"It's amazing. What are you talking about?" I asked laughing a little.

Taylor shrugged and sighed. I looked down at my bandages, and underneath I knew they were healing quickly which was a good thing. Harper and I chatted after I came inside from the rain scene. Amilia had invited me to go a date with her and Matt, but, I refused to go. I didn't want to be the third wheel. Kody and I texted for a while and I found out he was going out to North Carolina to visit his family. I was thankful that tomorrow was a weekend and I didn't have to get up early for school.

I yawned and sighed, I was a little sleepy but there was no way I was going to ditch this movie. I scratched my shoulder blade and cracked my knuckles. The movie ended shortly after I woke up, I was on the floor my head on Taylor's tummy as his arm rested on my shoulder, Mason had his head on my thigh. Henry wasn't in the middle anymore and Travis wasn't with his parents on the couch. Lucas and Conner weren't their either. Keith, Jacob, Linc and Carson had managed to work their way over to the small sleeping group and were breathing softly. I felt somebodies head rub against my tummy as I looked down and saw Jacob in the middle. I didn't mind the scene because I was tired, really tired. Mrs. Garrison and Mr. Garrison were no where to be found either.

"Where am I?" Mason asked confused, though he was still sleeping. Now I know who mumbles and talks when their sleep. I giggled to myself silently as I laid my head back down on Taylor.

"Stop moving." He groaned. I shut my eyes but to only be awaken with a big bang, we jumped.

"I don't have the drugs this time!" Carson yelled, he was standing up with his hands in the air as if he was surrendering. I looked at him confusion as everybody gathered together in a small group.

"What? Drugs?" I asked my eyes widing.

"I was dreaming. Never mind me what was that?" He asked looking around.

"Jeremy! I'm so sick and tired of you! You don't do shit around this house! Go! Walk out I don't give a damn! Bastard!" Mrs. Garrison shouted in anger, all of our heads looked at the stairs as Mr. Garrison stomped down them stairs, to the front door and slammed it shut. Mrs. Garrison walked down stairs to mumbling things to herself, she walked over to the door and slammed it shut as two car rolled away. I sighed.

"It's time for everybody to get to bed." Linc said softly pointing at the stairs, everybody trudged there way up them except Carson, Keith, Linc and I.

"What do you think that was about?" I asked looking at them.

"I don't know. But I really just want to sleep now." Linc yawned and walked up the stairs. We all followed closely behind but I wasn't tired at the moment. When I got to my room I turned on the lamb and pulled out a book and read. My laptop began to beep, I sighed and grabbed it from the floor flipping it open.

You have one new email. I clicked the open button and began to read with a smile on my face.

Rain Drop,

Hi. It's daddy, as you can probably see. I am very sorry for that phone call if it did scare, our base was attacked and everything was just going wrong. I just thought that maybe if anything did happen I should call you and tell you that I do love. Which I do, but, once again I am sorry for the scare. I was scared myself. Some of our friends were badly injured. Which isn't a good thing but they are doing fine.

I hope you are happy reading this email because I'm happy writing it. I miss you so much, I don't know if I will be able to leave you yet once again for a long time. I'm thinking about retiring but I know that I need this job. Anyway there should be a surprise coming in the mail in a little while, maybe even tomorrow if everything turns out well.

I was just about to end this message...but I really just want to tell you that I miss your mother so much. I miss you so much. I miss you both. No, im not crying! I'm a man men don't cry! Well..they do but anyway, I just wanted to let you know that. Well, I have to go to let another solider email his pregnant wife of three years. I love you Raine.

P.S. school? How is it?? email me back all the deets as you crazy teens say. Oh, NO BOYS!


I smiled at the email and re-read it a couple times. The last paragraph kind of struck me, I missed mom too, I missed mom so much. I emailed him back.


Hey! It's fine, it did scare me a little but I knew that everything was going to be okay. Sorry to here about those soliders, tell them I said hello and to get well soon! Surprise? Cool, that's awesome! I miss mom too...lots and lots. But I know there is nothing really to miss because she's here everyday. I may not see or feel her but I know she's there. I just do. I miss you too, I cant wait till you come back, and then we can go back home and just relax. But, I am enjoying my time here with the Garrison's their awesome and very kind.

School..quite boring. Nothing really to talk about. But, I did meet new friends, Harper, Amilia and matt (including the garrison boys) and they are great! Their true friends that I hope to keep forever. But the ones back in Cali will never be replaced.

Boys? :)) don't worry dad I pick them well.....IF there was a boy I was seeing which there ISNT!:) it's really late right now and I want to go to bed and my mind is processing right so I cant really think of anything else to talk about. Tell that soilder guy with the pregnant wife that kids a joy sometimes! Is he having a boy or a girl. Also I'm great at picking names:)) lol. Well, I guess that's all. I will email you a couple picture I have taken. I love you!!!!


I got a couple of picture links and added them at the bottom as I closed my laptop and sat it on the floor. I sighed and leaned my head against the head board. There was a soft knock on my door.

"Yeah?" I asked, the door opened and in stepped Carson. His hair was a tad bit messy and he looked wide awake.

"Okay, I checked every room and you are the only one awake." Carson walked in a little, "It's okay I come in right?" He asked.

"Yeah. What's up?" I yawned.

"Nothing really..just bored. Whats up with you?" Carson sat down on the bed and laid down.

"'s the middle of the night what do you think is going to up?" I laughed softly, Carson shrugged. We just sat there in silence for at least ten minutes. I was beginning to get a head ache as I turned and saw Carson sleep. What the hell? I shrugged and grabbed the small throw blanket that was at the end of the bed and sat it on top of Carson. I scooted down a bit and pulled the blankets up to my chin and went to sleep.

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