Authors note yet again please REad! (im sorry i have so many of these)

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OKAY! yet once again I have one of these annoying authors notes that i hate writing but kind of have to! Anyway, sooo i told you to pick your teams which you all did yesterday or whatever. (PLEASE I'll need more comments on who the teams is so tell your friends to read the story and pick also if they like it that  much!)

I'm seeing new commenters *Hello to uuu* and voters also!

Now if i did have a squel what do you think it should be?!?!? BEcause i honestly dont know!!! PLEASE help me that too! I truley believe that I'm almost done writing the story when i find out who Raine will be with. :( Sadly, i had loads of fun with it!!:)<3

I acutallly think it's pretty cool that you guys get the apportunity to choose the destiny of Raine! *played as selena gomez* Yes i know that the other characters dont have a celb they look like because i honestly cant think of any. I just want Raine to selena!!! :) <3

Okayy sooo comment belooww *arrow sign* what you think the squel should be, tell me other to plz read the story and then comment what team they want on the previous note. I will not tell you who has the most comments but you can probably figure that out if you wish to count it yourself. I just think it should be a little surpiseee!:)

*dont forget picture links! I would love to see what you guys have made!!


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