Chapter 19: Thats my decision not yours

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Chapter 19: Thats my decision not yours

The bell finally rang as i stood up and grabbed my things waiting for Keith and or Linc to walk with me, because honestly I had no idea what to do or where to go. Thankfully we all walked out together heading for out next class, I walked in the middle of them, Keith to my left, Linc to my right, they were talking to a couple of their friends as for I was texting Ashley (the one i video chated with) because they were still on break or whatever.

"So new girl." I heard someone say, I turned my head slowly, I'm so use to being called that I instantly turn when its said. "We should talk sometime." the boy with blonde hair said winking at me, I rolled my eyes and looked back at my phone,

Ashley: yea, its so boring here w/o u. :( who's going to go to the lake w/ me?????  I laughed, Ashley has always been the girl who needed somebody to go do something with her, like going to class, to the mall, the lake or sometimes she made you tag along if she needed to use the bathroom. She hats being alone for some reason, maybe its because she's always alone? Her parents are super busy most of the time and are never home majority of the week, you would think she'd get use to it after four years, the answer is a nope. I replied back with : mayb GiGi wuld come w/ u, like we use to always go together to beach and sit around..

"And this is World History AP, do you remeber how to get here?" Linc asked smiling at me, i smiled back and shook my head for a 'no', he laughed out loud and then started going on about directions but I wasnt listening, I could only focus on the *witch* that was at the house, she sitting down on a boys desk leaning over in his face talking to him, practicle cutting his air way with her boobies. I rolled my eyes and walked in. We all took a seat. Kelsey turned and glared at me getting up and walking towards me.

"You just keep showing up. Do you enjoy me being everywhere you go?" She asked snotty like, a couple of blonde bimbos were behind her backing her up.

"I'm surpised your even in AP classes." I told her, she just glared.

"I'm smarty then think Raine." she spat. I shrugged.

"Kelsey, come back, I wanted to finish telling you that joke." the boy she boob choking said. Fast, she put on a smile and turned around walking back over there.

"You showed her up, usually regular people are to afraid to." A voice said.

I answered with, "Yeah, well I'm not a regular person." I turned around and my cheeks began to heat it up, it was the same boy that I had hit with my backpack on the bus. His green/blue eyes shining, he hair perfectly in place as if he just flipped it. "I'm Kody Thomas." He greeted sticking out his hand for me to shake.

"Raine Weatherly." I greeted shaking his hand, it was soft..................................really soft.

"Thats cute."

"Yeah, people tell me that alot." I blushed bitting my bottom lip.

"I'll make sure to think of you when it rains." Kody said laughing a little, I blushed again and nodded. "So your the new girl? Where do you live?"

"Yeah, and umm, somewhere close to here I believe." I shrugged.

"Cool, you ride my bus?" He asked, I nodded. "Well thats cool, we should sit together tomorrow. Save me a seat?" He asked.

"Yeah sure." I said with a smile again, dude this boy was hot, very cure and cool personailty.

"Kody! Come one!" Some yelled, I glanced over and saw one of the boys I saw at the park waving his hand over, he was cute too. I smiled to myself.

"Well thats my cue. I guess I'll talk to you later Raine, here's my number." He said smiling already sitting down a torn piece of paper onto my desk.

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