Chapter 17: And then I realized

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Chapter 17: And then I realized 

I was still swinging when someone yelled my name. As my swing came down i skidded it across the sand to stop. I looked u and saw Lucas and Taylor running my way.

"Raine!" They yelled. I gripped the hot metal things that held the swing in place.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"Linc told me you did some sick moves on the bar. Is it true!?" Lucas asked, I laughed out loud, Lucas sounded like a five year old.

"Yep." I answered as i kicked my legs again trying to start back up the swing.

"" Taylor said before turning around and running back.

"So..can i make it up to you next time?" I heard carson say. I looked to my left.

"What are you talking about?" I asked not really proccesing what he was saying.

"Well, Kelsey said that there is going to be this meeting for the cheerleaders and football players and I have to go. Its going to be more than three hours." Carson confessed.

"Sure, I dont care." I said honestly.

"You dont?"

"Nope. But, what were you excatly gonna do to make it up to me?" I asked

"Take you some place special. I really am sorry." Carson said, he sounded like he really was.

"Its fine." I answered stopping the swing and jumping off. He followed. I climbed the steps that led to the little play house thing that had a slid and all that good stuff. I walked over to the slid and sat down, I felt someone's chest on my back. I looked behind me and saw Carson sitting close to me, his legs were on the side of mine. "what are you doing?" I asked.

"Playing." He answered, he pushed himself and we went down the slid, in a circle and ended. "Fun huh?" He asked, I laughed at him and got up and walked to the field beside the play ground area. Keith, Linc, Conner, Lucas, Taylor and Mr. Garrison were throwing a football around. Carson ran past me to them and joined. I'm honestly not a fan of football, I'll watch the super bowl only and thats it. So I sat down against a tree and starred ahead.

"Amazing view huh?" a girls voice asked, sitting beside me was a girl with red hair and greeb-ish blue-ish eyes. One of my eye brows raised. "I'm Amber Gorge." She introduced.

"Raine Weatherly." I said to her looking back at the boys.

"Nice to meet you Raine. Boy are they hot!" She said, I laughed. "What, you dont think so?" she asked.

"Nothing special." I answered.

"Did you really just say the Garrison boys are nothing speical?! They're the most popular people at school, even the little ones! They're all hot and most of them are single except Carson." She said and she kept going. "Just walking beside them on a school day is amazing. Sitting beside them in class, at lunch...getting them to talk to you!" She said as if she was so fasanated of the boys. It was quite annoying how she thought they were amazing, I could not hang around her if all she was going to talk about were them.

"Cool." I answered trying hard not to get up and leave, I need to start being polite.

"Just wait till you meet the Thomas boys, there not as large as the Garrison's, there's just four of them. But, their the bad boys, the players, some of them are a little hotter than them." Amber said. "I'm sorry, I do this sometimes, obbsess over something utterly stupid and wont stop talking about them.....Hey look there's the Thomas boys." She said pointing to the right of the Garrison boys playing. There were four guys walking together and laughing, all had brown hair and brown eyes from a distance. All were pretty tall. One was dressed in a white shirt with jeans on, another was in a blue polo shirt and shorts on, one was walking in a muscle shirt and basketball shorts on, the other was wearing shorts and a guy harvey shirt. "Boy are they hot." Amber whispered. I blinked my eyes and sighed loudly, I extened my arms forward and streched.

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