Chapter 29: Presser Washer?

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Chapter 29: presser washer?

I sat there as we drove quitley.

“Do you have to be some place?” Kody asked, I shook my head trying not to get him wet. “Do you wanna talk about it?

“No..not really.” I mumbled, looking out at the window.

“Well..i bet you want to take a shower or something.” Kody stated pulling up to a gas station that was surprisingly still open. He stopped the car and got out walking over to my door pulling it open. “Come on.” He urged, I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up.

“I’m all wet and sticky and gross.” I mumbled as he guided me to the presser washer. “That’s gonna hurt..”

“Nope. I’ve done it a million times. Trust me.” He laughed paying and then turning it on. as the water touched my skin I gasped from the cold. It didn’t hurt, it tickled a little but I was to much in a bad mood to laugh, when everything was off, Kody and I walked back to the car as he handed me a towel as I dried off shaking. When I was completely dry he gave me two blankets as I sat back down in the car as we took off. I was quite warm but still I felt cold in the inside.

“So…do you wanna talk about it now?” Kody asked as he looked at me.

“Kelsey humiliated me in front of everybody at the party and right now I just wanna go home.” I answered whipping my face as I felt a tear.

“Where do they liv-“

“No, I want to go home. Back home to where I belong. Where I spent majority of my life, where my mom’s buried. I want to go back to California.” I spoke, not in a shout or yell but loudly.

“Raine…you cant just give up now you know. Just because a mean girl picks on you doesn’t mean you have to leave everything. You’ll leave you friends behind, Amilia…Harper…Matt, the boys you live with…me.” Kody said the last thing as he looked at me and stopped the car. I turned my head towards him more as his lips quicly connected with mine. I shook my head mentally and pushed him away.

“No. Stop.” I shouted pushing him again, though he didn’t move, he looked more shocked then I had. “Take me home now.” I mumbled scooting as far away from him as possible.

“I cant take you to Californ-“

“Take me the Garrisons.” I mumbled as I leaned my head against the window and  cried silently. FML!

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