Chapter 6: Mmm..Really?

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Chapter 6: Mmmm..Really?

I woke up the next morning with my laptop going off. beep beep beep! it kept making that noise. I either got a email or a IM or video message. I rolled over and sat up looking straight ahead. My head turned to the left all robot like to look at my laptop that was beeping again. UGH! I pulled the covers off and out of bed and trudged to the laptop. I tossed it onto my bed and then climbed back in bed, secured the blanket around me and pulled the laptop to my lap. (DUH) I opened it and clicked on the blinking icon at the bottom. New Email...New Email. 

I looked to see who the email was from and noticed that it was Jerry, one of my dads friends that sent me a message saying sorry for my lost. I rolled my eyes and logged off. I put my laptop back on the floor and fell backwards, my head hitting the pillow. I sighed loudly. I got up and rummeged through my clothes. First i looked outside to see that it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. I grabbed some jeans and a long sleeve shirt also with undergarments and walked towards the bathroom. I opened the door, and heard the shower running.

"Oh my gosh I'm sorry!" I said quickly.

"Who is it?" Somone asked.

"Raine, im sorry." I stated again.

"Oh. Its fine, as long as you cant see me then everythings dandy." I memorized Keith's voice.

"Haha ok." I replied, closing the door behind and then ran into Linc.

"Sorry." I mumbled my head down

"Mmm..really?" He asked

"Yeah." I answered gazing into his brown eyes.

"Okay." He said walking past me, I spun around remebering that i wanted to ask hime a question.

"Umm..Linc is there another bathroom I can use?" I asked

"Yeah, theres one in my moms room and i have one too. You can use mine if you want." Linc offered. I thought it through...what could be so bad.

"Yeah thanks." I said following him into his room. Which..may i say is very interesting. It was a dark blue with posters and movie covers on the wall. "Your interested in acting and or movies?" I asked as he led me to a door.

"Just a little." He stated a shy smile on his face. " you go. Hurry up though, dont want anybody getting the wrong idea." He laguhed. I nodded too and stepped inside. When i felt the hot water hit my skin, i was relieved and happy. I sang along as i scrubbed myself with some Dove soap and a washcloth that i had brought with me. Pink zebra print to be excat.

"Sick of all of your little lies..Im sick of the sleepless never ending nights..I just dont care who is wrong or write..sick of the rumors and the ablibas, tear me up i'll cut you down inside..s-s-so sick of you so sick of you slick of all of your little lies............" I sang, turning off the shower and stepping out, wrapping my personal towel around me and wrapping my wet soacky hair in a towl too. I dried myself and put on my clothes leaving my hair wet. I opened the door and steam came running out eagar to exacape the bathroom. I grabbed my clothes off of the floor and my cloth and walked to my room.

I was down stairs, and everybody was either watching Tv or upstairs in there room, I found Mrs. Garrison in the kitchen drinking a cup of water.

"Mrs. Garrison." I started

"Please call me Kali." she said

"Ohh..well Kali may i go outside?" I asked her

"Honey haha you dont have to ask to go outside, do as you please." She said with a smile.

i nodded pulling my hoddie over my head and pulling my hair out of my jacket. I walked outside as a gust of wind came by causing me to smile. I loved this kind of weather, when it was cloudly and or raining, or storming..even though i do get scared when its storming yes my reasons are good. I walked out from under the porch and let the wet perciaption hit me williningly. I didnt care, i was in my comfort zone. I smiled and stood there looking up at the clouds. much i love this day.

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