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NOTE: hey guys, i do apologize for not being able to uploud. I've been super busy as you guys and c i wrote that on my message board. Ummm....I've been reading alot of stories on my free time. You guys are friken amazing!:D The ones that write the stories and read them!:) I've been listening to music also, have a new fav band..well i have always liked them but I kinda dirifted away from them when other music came. BVB forevr!:) Errrrmmmm...nothing else really. I have been getting many read but less votes, less fans, and less comments:( PLEASE! comment and vote and fan!!!!!!!

I still dont know how to decidcate stories to other people, so if any1 knows how to do so then thank u for telling me.

I really dont know what to all out of thoughts. :( My train (brain) just went off the train tracks (thoughts) and nothings really coming to mind.

OHH! Many of you are either reading this story or another one. I'm sorry to say this but currently How The Tweleve Garrison Boys Ruined My Life..Heck Who Am I Kiddin!:P is the only story that I am focused on. But, I am writing about 4 other stories on my laptop (that doesn thave interent:((() and thats all really.

Thanks so much for the fans that i currently have and the votes and comments.:) Thats awesome and you guys make my dady:D

-Forever and always


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