Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Who's there to babysit?

Harper and I walked up to my room as I flopped up onto the bed. Harper sat on the edge the bed and threw the remote in the air and continued to catch it. I crossed my legs s I turned on my lamp.

"Okay, so since all the smaller kids are sleep and two of them aren't home then who's there to babysit?" Harper asked glancing at me.

"Carson." I mumbled.

"You have to baby sit Carson?!" Harper laughed loudly.

"Well, not really. I just have to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Are you hungry, I'm kind of hungry." I got off my bed as Harper jumped off and landed in front of the door. I passed Carson's room and saw Travis and Henry were laying on the bed curled up together.

"Awe, that's so cute." Harper cooed peeking her head into the door. Henry squirmed a little moving against his twin brother as Travis remained still. We walked off through the living room where Jace and Carson were sitting playing video games and into the kitchen, I pulled out two cans of sprite and sat them on the counter.

"Is lasagna okay? We had that for dinner last night." I took out the container containing the left over's.

"That'll be fine." Harper smiled as she helped me put the food on the place.

"Can you make me a plate!?" Carson yelled.

"No!" I yelled back as we sat our plates into the microwave.

" you like Kody? I just want to know." Harper asked. I raised an eyebrow confused as to why she had asked me that question out of the blue, "I mean I don't mind. We aren't together anymore I just want to know and warn you." Harper looked at me with a concerned face, the one my mom use to use all the time when we talked about boys and feelings.

"Uh. I don't know yet...but I mean he seems like a great guy." I shrugged pressing the two minute button again.

"Okay. Well I wanted to tell you that...never mind. Just I'm going to be happy with whatever you choose." Harper smiled slightly. I frowned in confusion as I waited for the microwave to finish. The phone rang as I walked slowly over to it.

"Hello?" I asked

"May I speak to Raine?!" The voice was frantic.

"This is she...who is this?" I asked leaning against the counter, Harper walked to the microwave and pulled out the two plates as she sat them down on the table and grabbed forks.

"Hey, this is daddy. Uh. I just wanted to say that I love you so much!" He yelled, it sounded as if there was crashing noises coming from behind.

"I love you too...but why do you sound panicked?" I asked confused yet once again.

"I love Raine! You will always and forever be my little Rain drop. I have to go know bye." The phone went click as I starred at it. I cocked my head to the side and put the phone back into the holder.

"Who was that?" Carson asked walking into the kitchen with his friend..Jace? I couldn't remember.

"My dad." I walked over to where Carson picked up a fork and took a bite out of my food. I rolled my eyes and took the fork from him.

"How's he doing?" Carson asked looking through the fridge taking out some lemonade cans.

"He...he's fine. He wanted to tell me that he would be home soon." I lied.

"Oh that's cool."

"Where's your dad?" Carson's friend asked.

"War." I spoke putting my hand over my mouth because I had food in t.

"Ohhh." He his lips made the O shape as he nodded his head. I continued to eat as Harper and I talked about random things. We laughed and joked around, Jace and Carson where looking for something to eat. When we finished eating we went to sit outside, it was windy and cool but it felt good. I leaned back supporting myself with my elbows. I wasn't listening to what Harper was saying, I was to concentrated on what my dad had told me.

He sounded scared and worried. I tried to forget about the conversation but his words just kept rooming in my head 'You will always and forever be my little Rain drop. I love you.' My mom use to say that all the time when she left for work or overseas for war or whatever. I looked up at the sky and felt a wet splatter hit right below my eye.

"Raine..back on the porch please." Harper laughed softly.

"I was listening." I lied looking at her with a smile.

"Yeah okay." Harper shook her head and looked up to, "It looks like its about to rain, raine. Ha! See what I did there?" She pointed at me and I laughed loudly. I was glad I was named after the rain. I loved the Raine so much, I sighed and tilted my head further back.

"Hey that's my mom...she wasn't suppose to pick me up till later. Want to go meet her?" Harper asked standing up.

"Sure." I stood up with her as we walked quickly to the car, it was raining pretty hard by now.

"Hi, you must be Raine." Harper's mom smiled at me, she had black hair and very light eyes she was the color milk with a slight tan. I now see why they call her Oreo. I laughed at the mental thought.

"Yes ma'am. Thank you for having Harper over. We didn't babysit much it was fun." I smiled at her as my hair began to get soaked from the water falling from the sky.

"Your welcome. I'll make sure to invite you and your family over soon. Maybe all of us could have a cook out or something."

"Mom, Raine lives-"

"That would great." I smiled glancing at Harper a little.

"I'm sorry to rush off but we must get going. It was nice meeting you!" She yelled as the car began to drive off. I starred at it leave, I was soacked now but I didn't want to go inside. I remember always wanting to sit outside while it rained.

Flash Back! Age 10

"Raine, you need to come inside, it's getting cold!" Mom yelled at me, she was standing in the door way, her brown hair was in a messy bun, she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve red shirt I had bought her for a surprise present with my dad.

"Just a little longer." I whispered, I was sitting on the sidewalk looking up at the sky as water fell and cooled my skin.

"No Raine! Inside now!" My mom yelled, not with anger but with maybe annoyance, she always got annoyed when I disobeyed her, but really I wasn't going to move, I was going to stay where I was and watch the rain fall. I ignored my mom's yelling from the door way as I focused on the soft splatter as the rain hit the ground or dripped from the mailbox.

I glanced back at my mom was leaning against the door way with my dad behind her, his chin resting on his shoulder. I smiled and laughed jumping up twirling in the rain. I took off my flip flops and rolled my up jeans quickly as I started to jump in puddles and just danced my heart out. I heard my mom laughing in the background, her laugh seemed to always get to you. Make you happy and want to hug her, or just watch her. I stopped dancing and looked at her, she was still laughing, her eyes were slightly closed as they always where when she laughed and she was smiling. She was completely beautiful. I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist as she laughed harder and louder, my dad just watched with a big smile on his face.

"I'm all wet now." She laughed looking down at my touching my wet hair.

"After this let's watch a movie and drink hot chocolate." I smiled up at my mom she kissed my arm.

"Go take a shower first." I let go of her as she smacked my but.

"What was that for?" I asked laughing a little.

"I'm a football player." She closed the door and walked away and headed to the kitchen.

"Rain! You need to come inside! It's getting cold! Keith yelled as he walked to the door. I looked at him and spoke the words I had once said multiple times to my mother.

"Just a little longer." I smiled at him. He shook his head and walked inside.

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