Chapter 16: Connecting With My Inner Child

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Chapter 16: Connecting With My Inner Child

I felt a hand go on my higher thigh near my butt, i just turned over and ignored it but for only to be poked in the butt repeaditly. I swear to grass that if its Carson I'm going to go ham. What does that mean? You'll see in a minute if it is Carson. I turned my head and looked, Travis was sitting on the end of the bed with a cute little baby face.  I instantly became happy and scooped him up in a hug sitting up.

"Travis!" I almost shouted holding him tightly.

"Yes?" He asked.

"I've missed you buddy." I told him smiling, pulling him away so I could see his gorgous little face.

"Ermmm..I've missed..Keith." He said nodding at Keiths name.

"Oh so you didnt miss me?" I asked raising an eye brow at him.

"" He answered with a small smile on his face. I glared at him before laying him down on my bed as i tickled him.

"Do you miss me now!?" I asked laughing as he squirmed around laughing loudly, it almost sounded like screeching noise.  He didnt answer as I stopped and asked him again, he shook his head giggling to him self, i started back up tickling him and asked him one more time. He nodded and laughed even though I wasnt even touching him anymore. "Thought so." I said sitting him  up right. He smiled before jumping off my bed and running  out of the room and down the hall. I got out of bed quickly too, and through on some destressed jean shorts and a zebra print tanktop. I slipped on my converses, grabbing my brush and running it through my hair quickly when it was smooth and felt nice. I walked out of my room and down the stairs where everybody was laughing and talking. As I entered the kitchen, everybody was in there, eating breakfast, Travis smiled at me and patted a seat beside him, I smiled back and joined the family. I grabbed a biscut and put grape jelly on it before putting some of it into my mouth.

"Somebody woke up rather late." Conner said, I glanced at him and cocked my head to the side smiling fakly.

"Morning to you too child." I told him.

"Hey! Im not a child." He protested.

"Your younger than me so you are." I replied taking another bite of my food. Conner glarred but then smiled. I smiled too and continued to eat my food.

"Mom, I forgot to tell you that i need a new binder for school..mine broke." Lucas said.

"I wonder why.." Taylor added looking down at his food as if he didnt say anything.

"Your buying it." Mr. Garrison added, Lucas sighed and nodded. "Speaking of school, Raine you will be attending school tomorrow." Mr. Garirson said. I looked up and nodded.

"Yes sir. I'm glad, I really dont like sitting around houses not having anything really on my mind like homework and projects and test." I answered truthfully.

"We arent going to have worry about you right?" Mrs. Garrison asked and worried look on her face.

"No ma'am. I'm an A B student." I answered smiling. She laughed nervously before collecting her plate and washing it. I had finished my busicut as i brushed my hands on my pants.

"Well, Jermey I'm going on a cleaning fit so do whatever you want just dont disturb me." Mrs. Garrison said walking away up the stairs.

"Daddy can you take us to the play ground?" Henrey asked sitting up in his chair.

"Why not. Anybody want to tag along?" He asked.

"I'll go." I said happily raising my hand.

"Anybody else?" Mr. Garrison asked. The whole table raised there hands inculding Linc surpisingly. "Well hurry and get changed kid-os" Everybody jumped and ran up the stairs. I stayed behind and piled up all the dishes in the sink. I was about to wash when Mrs. Garrison intruded.

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