Chapter 5: Lock My Life In A Box So No One Can See It

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Chapter 5: Lock My Life In A Box So No One Can See It

"Boys! Dinner!" Mrs. Garrison yelled I heard shuffling of the feet, i opened the door to my new temperary bedroom to see everybody heading down the stairs quickly. I didnt want to be stepped on so i waited till most of them were already on the stairs. I turned off the light in my new room and walked out. Walking down the hall way seeing pictures of the boys and family photos. I reached the last step and turned to my left, following where all the loud noises were coming from

In the Ktichen, there was a big rectangular table and everybody was fitting for a chair, even Mr. Garrison was shoving his kids out of the way, but when he didn they laughed and he laughed too. I took the only avabliable seat, which was in between Lucas and Taylor, i could tell which one was which, but itook a seat. They both stared at me. I smiled slightly, In front of them were Mason and Linc. Mrs. Garrison was putting food on the plates and passing them out.

"Can i help with anything?" I asked as the table got quiet.

"No honey, just take a seat and enjoy." She answered with a smile. I did as i was told and sat down. There was chicken with gravry poured ontop of it, green beans, bread, and rice with gravy over it to. I looked yummy and i was hungery. After a horrible day like today, food is just what i need:)

I put my fork in my hand and took started to Chow Down! As some may say. Everybody was talking and laughing and messing around. Mr. Garrison cleared his throut and then turned to me.

"So, how do you like it so far?" He asked putting his hand over his mouth because of the food.

"The house is beautiful and Gerogia seems amazing." I said smiling at him.

"Why are  you hear anyway?" Taylor one of the older twins asked me.

" issues." I said looking down at my food and putting some rice on my fork.

"What, are you parents like getting a divorce." Lucas the other twin asked

"Parent." I stated, trying to get the facts down. I shoved some chicken into my mouth, distracting myself on the taste, so that i would starting balling.

"So you dont have a dad?" Travis asked shocked.

"No..I do." I asnwer looking at him, expressionless

"So you dont have a mom?" Henry asked

"I still do, she just doesnt live here anymore." I said

"Sooo...your mom lives somewhere else?" Travis asked. By now the whole table was quite, and everybody was listening to me.

"Yeah." I said looking at him.

"Ha! Your acting like she's dead or something! Where is she?! In Heaven!?" Carson asked laughing. I blew up.

"Yeah! Thats excatly where she is thank you!" I said standing up and slamming my hands on the table. I saw the shock expression on his face, but he kept silent. I didnt want to sit at the table anymore, I wanted to go up to my new room and watch TV or something. "May I be excused?" I asked Mrs. Garrison a tear escaping my eye.

"Yeah, sure honey. Leave your plate here, or you can take it up to your room." She said quietly. I nodded grabbing my plate and pushing my chair in as everybody watched me.

"Thanks." I said looking down and half way running out of the kitchen.

"Look what you did Carson!" I heard someone yell. I was already upstairs in my new room, the door closed and locked. The Tv on, my laptop infront of me as i opened a new slide for my diary. (yes i keep my diary in a powerpoint document labled project98.) I put in the date and began to type.

March 15, 2011
Dear Diary,

Everything is just horrible now. I have no one in my life except my old friends, but now since I'm not in Cali....i dont know if they are even my friends now. They probably have already replaced my for some new girl:( Hopefully not. I really want to talk to dad..maybe they will give him an emergency call because..grandma died. I really hope they do, all i want to hear is his voice and for him to tell me that everything is okay. I am now currently Locking my life in a box so no one can see or get into it. The more they know, the more things i have to explain. I refuse to cry. Crying is weak. If anybody ask if I am ok, i will say 'yeah, im alot better thanks' I hope that when i say that it will be believeable. Well. i dont have anything else to day Diary soo..bye.

-Your said writer: Raine Weatherly 

I saved the slide and then X-ed out and started eating and looking through random websites. I had finished eating and headed out of my room and into the ktichen. I washed my plate while everybody else was cleaning too. I dried my dish while the phone rang.

"Hello? Yes here she is." Linc the oldest said. "Raine its for you." He said walking over to me and giving me the phone. All the boys that were cleaning stared at me. I took the phone out of Linc's hand and put it to my ear leaning up aganist the wall and talked into the phone.

"Guys, back in the kitchen." Conner said

"Hello?" I said while the background was slightly loud, loud enough for nobody to hear me.

"Raine, are you ok?" My dad asked me. A small smile came upon my face, knowing that my dad carried so much to just call me and make sure everything was okay put a smile on my face.

"I'm hanging there. What about you?" I asked

"Im good. Sad, but everythings going to be okay right?"


"I know that your with Mrs. Garrison and her family, so be careful, i have the new address and phone number as you can see." Dad said

"Yeah. I  miss you." I said quietly.

"I  you remeber what your mom use to always tell you when your were afraid?" Dad asked me

"No. what was it?" I asked

"To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest." Dad finished

"That sounds like something mom would say." I said laughing

"I know right!" Dad said like a blonde cheerleader. "Or as you texting fools say IKR IKR!" he said loudly

"Haha!" I laughed hard. Turning around to see everybody staring at me.

"Theres my little rain drop. Well I have to go. Im sorry. Email and mail me, I'll call next week." Dad said

"Stay Frost." I told me

"Dont i always?" He asked, and then the phone went click meaning that his time was up. I turned around.

"Who was that?" Keith asked my curiously.

"A special someone." I stated smiling a little.

"It was an unknow number. Was it your boyfriend calling from Mexico?" Carson jocked.

"Nope it was my dad, and he was calling from Afganastan." I shot back. I nodded curling my lips and started to head off but something grabbed my arm gently.

"Raine, I dont mean everything I say, i just joke around alot." Carson said.

"I can tell. Your mouth says something but your eyes say something very different." I said getting out of his grasp and heading back to my new room.

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