' that's the tae '  ▹ randomness, jokes, memes, art, and more  by -insxnityy
' that's the tae ' ▹ avery
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My Highschool Love Story by _BlueLeader_
My Highschool Love Storyby Sonic the Hedgehog
A new school year starts. A new class with only one of your friends and bullies who you have known for a longer time. Things go wrong for Sonic in... life. A new class...
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My Life | Spam  by thedeadline42
My Life | Spam by Brayden
this will be full of random stuff that revolves around me and my life
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Photography  by tinyone51
Photography by Steph
I can't art so
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' poison and sugar '  ▹ randomness, jokes, memes, art, and more by -insxnityy
' poison and sugar ' ▹ avery
' poison and sugar ' _________ just a bunch of random stuff because i can, homie.
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oh would you look at that by HarkethTheLarketh
oh would you look at thatby glubglubgobgalab
art book, rants, comics, etc
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My Pricey Love by beautifulstories1
My Pricey Loveby Beautiful Stories
•COMPLETED• This story is about Katie and of course Conor Price and his Brother Sean...we see the troubles of being a teenager in love
  • seanandconorprice
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my feelings by rxseywoosung
my feelingsby Mil
this is just me venting not one thing is happy. this is me opening up to hundreds of people. please don't use this against me. this is a trigger warning
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For No One by beatlebait
For No Oneby Jill
No, I did not get the title from a Beatles song.. :) I dubbed this "For No One" because pretty much no one will read it. This book is literally just a collecti...
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Rantbook de l'ennui by fantasmique_baby
Rantbook de l'ennuiby WoW
Je parle de tout et de rien, des expériences, j'explique beaucoup de conneries aussi je ne sais pas ça fait le combien-ième rantbook que je sors. :') celui ci rester...
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My Blog of Randomness  by NinjaGem500
My Blog of Randomness by Hawkodile
I decided to make my own blog.
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My Billionaire's  Bodyguard  by Yneverose
My Billionaire's Bodyguard by YneveRose
Si Sheila ay Anak ng mag Asawang si Hendry Moreno at Isabella Moreno Maganda ang kanyang Maamong Mukha na binagayan ng Matang Malalamtik at Makinis na Kutis. Ki...
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ELYSIAN  ➳  SPAM by wanderlust_ella
ELYSIAN ➳ SPAMby ella !
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool! in which ella will tell you her opinions, rants, stories, etc. and about her wonderful life.
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The Tea Two by KankenWater
The Tea Twoby Water
Second part of The Tea Started 10-14-2018 Finished 1-17-19
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my fucked up relationship, otherwise known as my reason for wanting to die - has no relevance to the movie!
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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil-Naamkaran Fan Fiction) by Ayesha_malhotra126
Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil-Naamkaran SaiSmrithi
This is a story based on Avni and Neil.
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the thing inside me by TMNT-Queen
the thing inside meby kb
EDIT: i'm not publishing this for views, and i don't care if this gets votes or comments. i have something to say, something to share, that actually matters for the firs...
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LegoFanNexo101's Blog Book #2 by LegoFanNexo101
LegoFanNexo101's Blog Book #2by Nex the Lego fangirl
First one ran out of parts ;-;
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CRY BABY.     misc by 1-800-CLEM
CRY BABY. miscby 𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒆
i know i'll fall in love with you, baby.
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midnight | spam book by dorkindisguise
midnight | spam bookby mo
❝ you only ever wanna love me after midnight. ❞ just a comedic book about a disastrous life that is mine. started 3/17/18 completed ...
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