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Author's Journal by destinyjadea
Author's Journalby Destiny
So this is basically going to be me talking about my day(s). This is like a diary/journal. So if you're interested in some random girl's life (me) then read this. Also t...
  • diary
  • autobiagraphy
  • nonfiction
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Maddie's Rant book by Obsessive_confusion8
Maddie's Rant bookby I'm Garmadone
Just a rant book because I feel like I need an outlet for my feelings? Sometimes I rant about stuff like the state of the economy. Other times I rant about, uh, Misako...
  • rants
  • ignoreme
  • justreadit
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Conversations I wish I had been part of. by emo_teddy
Conversations I wish I had been Zachery
all 100% true. tho these conversations have never really happened.
  • therapist
  • thoughts
  • shutupzach
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An Amateur Poet by Avengerbrat16
An Amateur Poetby Son'Wang Dani
Just poetry I make when I can. Mostly depressing because that's most of my life. This is really just me wanting to vent my emotions, you really don't have to read. But i...
  • pain
  • poet
  • self-esteem
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Me by the_fangirl_writes
Meby Thë Fåñgìrł
Welcome to the area where I will post my thoughts, memes, facts, quotes, etc. I hope you enjoy taking a peak at my point of view of the world. I noticed I think very di...
  • mylife
  • memes
  • quotes
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My Blog of Randomness  by NinjaGem500
My Blog of Randomness by Hawkodile
I decided to make my own blog.
  • ninjago
  • unikitty
  • othercrap
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How to be a fuse bomb yet again by bomb_y
How to be a fuse bomb yet againby ♡
Yo! This is my third life book! You might've not seen the first one, since I unpUBLISHED IT AHAHA- ... What can I say? Enjoy the randomness (not really)!! (OOC book agai...
  • mylife
  • randombook
  • ineed5hashtags
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ELYSIAN  ➳  SPAM by wanderlust_ella
ELYSIAN ➳ SPAMby ella !
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool! in which ella will tell you her opinions, rants, stories, etc. and about her wonderful life.
  • random
  • environment
  • rants
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Got Cat? | Personal by catchumylife
Got Cat? | Personalby katherin achoo
A place where I spill the tea on other people and especially on myself. Because you all are definitely curious about my life.
  • thoughtsandfeelings
  • rants
  • opinions
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"My First Love, To Be My First Boy Friend" by ayzzamacapagal
"My First Love, To Be My First ayzzamacapagal
Short story
  • mazerunner
  • jhannaagustin
  • raven
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My Life by Rubyreyes338
My Lifeby
This is About my life..... Well I do have lots a drama in it Hope u like it or read lol☺
  • mylife
  • pleaseread☺
My life pics/drawings by AmazingSofi
My life pics/drawingsby Sofi
Basically pics of my life, or the drawings I have made.
  • drawings
  • mylife
My story by StarLiz14
My storyby StarLiz14
People think diaries are private well not me. I'am Aeowyn Olivia Duerkop. Also know as the witch at school. I don't know what to do something but I know one thing Iam th...
  • embarrassing
  • mylife
  • notperfect
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Just My Life by 5secondsofhp13
Just My Lifeby Sarah
I'm a teenage girl. I live, love, laugh, but I also have those down moments in my life. THIS is my story.
  • teenager
  • realstruggles
  • justmylife
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Trippy Thursday by cookimonstar01
Trippy Thursdayby cookimonstar01
  • mysterious
  • omg
  • wow
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Trying To to fit in by mscxoxo
Trying To to fit inby mscxoxo
people try to please everyone but you might have 50 fake friends or 2 genuine friends choose which one you would have xs
  • friends
  • myown
  • mylife
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Me, Maddie! by MaddieAndAly_Write
Me, Maddie!by Maddie/Aly 🇺🇸🇨🇦
This book is about me. My personality, my interests,my friends, and more! Read along as you find out about a stranger. That stranger will soon not be so much of a strang...
  • ahhhh
  • personality
  • book
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My life? by CutiePie803
My life?by ARI
This is about my life, you may not find it interesting but i have nothing else to do.
  • mylife
  • school
New Side Of Me by Lexiscrow
New Side Of Meby Alexandra Crow
Collection of poems about my life and experiences. Some poems are about others or completely made up. I hope you enjoy and comment and vote.
  • mylife
  • wattys2018
  • thoughts
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News, Activities and More  by Lucario_13
News, Activities and More by 렌
A book with all my tags, news, updates, what's on my mind and more Cover by rikkario_ ........................................................................
  • mind
  • typical
  • details
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