Chapter 27: What the hell

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Chapter 27: What the hell

I snuggled close to the object in front of me. Some tightened around me and I sighed taking in a breath, that was a great sleep. Really great actually.

“Hmm.” I warped my leg around something else, which I believed had to be a pillow though it didn’t feel like it. I opened one eye and saw totally darkness, nothing, that’s what I saw nothing but the dark shade of the night from the open window. I shrugged slightly and settled back down as I went back to sleep.

I groaned and wrapped my arm around the somewhat firm pillow and snuggled my head into it. I sighed and slightly opened an eye and saw light, it must be morning, I shrugged mentally and closed my eyes and moved a little.

“Stop moving.” A voice sounded. I froze, where the fuck was that voice coming from. I slowly inched my head upward and saw a chin nearly touching my forehead, I strained my eyes and saw Carson. He was still sleeping…I guess. His blonde hair was very messy though it looked really cute. I shook my head furiously and jumped up on my knees. Wait…what the hell was Carson doing in my room!

“Raine, stop moving.” Carson mumbled flipping over onto his stomach.

“Get out!” I whisper shouted kicking at him, he didn’t respond until he fell off the bed and onto the floor with a thud. I was pulled down by him as I landed on top, I glared down at him and punched his chest.

“You woke me up!” He growled in anger.

“Raine, I need you up…Oh dear lord!” Mrs. Garrison’s voice rang, Carson and I both whipped our heads towards the mother of twelve boys as she starred at us in shock and anger. “Carson get out of here now!” She pointed at the door, Carson gently moved from under me and walked out of the room, the door shut with a slam.

“Listen Raine. I came here to get you because there was someone on the phone for you, but I come to find you straddling my son.” Mrs. Garrison walked over as I stood up.

“No, it’s not what you think.”

“It’s what I saw. I don’t know what you and Carson are up to but whatever it is will not go down in my house.” Her voice was stern and filled with anger as she turned and stormed out of room.

I sighed and fell backwards on my bed, my head hitting the pillow. I huffed, and looked around before huffing again. It was totally not what she thought. I rolled my eyes and stood up grabbing my brush as I ran it through my hair. I quickly changed into a yellow, orange, white, and pink sundress as I let my hair down. I decide to let it stay wavy as I walked out of my room barefoot. I passed by Mrs. Garrison who seemed to be in a rush to leave, thankfully. Not many of the people were up, the only ones I saw was Carson and Travis. Travis was sitting at the table eating cercal and Carson was pouring orange juice into a cup. Travis smiled at me as I gave him a high five as I passed Carson grabbing the bread.

“Raine…” Carson’s voice drifted away as I looked at him, he was starring at me, his mouth gaped open. I raised and eyebrow and gave him a questioning look. “You look pretty today.” He finished.

“Thanks.” I smiled putting the bread in the toaster. I grabbed the butter and waited for the bread to toast.

“So, what are we doing today?” I asked.

“Dad’s taking the younger boys over to see our aunt, I don’t care to go, I don’t think Keith and or Linc would want to go either so we’re probably staying home like last time.” Carson shrugged. I nodded glancing at the clock that was on the stove. 12:30, my toast popped and I yanked it out dropping it on the napkin as I grabbed a butter knife and began to spread the butter.

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