Chapter 18: I'm to School for cool as P!NK would say!

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NOTE:This Chapter is dedicated to Majorcool because she liked almost all of my chapters! I just kept getting noticfations about it! Thank you so much Majorcool, you are cool! haha see what i did there:) Your awesome:D You rock! haha <3 but really thanks it means a tone to me that you did that:)

 hey guys nxt chappy will b an authors not sorry:( Um just wanted to say that last chapter i left it in a cliffy but dont worry later in the chapters when Raine gets home it'll explain everything promise. Right now I just got to get Raine to school before the goverment shows up and take her away!!!. Haha! hope your enjoying my story! I think this is my best one actually! Oh and please ready 'Two QBS Fallin In Love Means Problems On The Football Field" I really like naming stories and chapters out of song lyrics or song names soooo yeah. Please feel free after you read this story and you have an amazing pitcutre that would go with it comment a link and I'll be sure to put it up:) if thats okay. errrmmm..thats all:D


Chapter 18: I'm to School for cool as P!NK would say!

"Raine, dad wanted me to get you up." I heard somone say, I shifted and put the pillow over my head. "haha. Get up or your going to be late." Lincs voice said sweetly. I lifted my head.

"I dont have any school supplies, and also I'm to school for cool as pink says." I mumbled

"Do you even know what that means?"

"No." I answered simply

"Get up haha." Linc said before the door closed. I whinned and sat up walked out of my room and into Lincs room to take a shower. I've been doing that alot more because everytime I try to use the bathroom everybody uses its always empty. I stepped out in a towel and walked slowly to my room. I closed the door behind me and picked out dark blue destress skinny jeans with a black tank top and a 'I Love Haters' white off the shoulders shirt. I slipped on my converse and straighted my hair. I put on a little eyeliner and mascara and grabbed some chapstick and shoved it into my pocket. I walked down the stairs turning on my phone.

"Morning." Mr. Garrison said as for he was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his coffee and reading a book.

"Morning to you too." I answered walking over to the plate that had bacon and toast on it. Suddenly the phone rang. I answered it because Mr. Garrison made no effort of getting up.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, Raine. I havent talked to you in a long time, its been crazy here, the internet shut down and we barley ever get to call so I'm calling you in the middle of night." Dad whispered. "I feel like an agent." He added. I laughed out loud loudly.

"Haha, dad your so werid." I told him giggling.

"Would you take me any other way?" He asked. I shook  my head and replied with a 'no'.

"I'm going to school today." I said trying to change the subject.

"Really, hopefully you make new friends, and hopefully no boys try talking to you he added." I laughed again.

"You never no, I'm a babe magnet." I joked.

"Just like your mother. Had to pry the guys off her just to talk to her in high school." Dad answered laughing a little I did too. "Wooo wee your mother was finnnee!" He said, I laughed again slapping my head with my hand.

"Dad stop you sound like a creeper." I told him.

"Only if I was in a dark alley." He added as if he was thinking. I laughed again and shook my head.

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