Chapter 22: Burn baby burn.

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Hey okay so this chapter i really just needed an extra one and it shows true feelings in one of the boys P.O.V. I'm sorry if you think this is a pointless chapter but i truley dont.I got the idea from a lady on TV yelling 'Dont spill the soup!" hahah:D sorry but please enjooyyyy!

Chapter 22: Burn baby burn.

I was running back and forth from Travis to Henry, to Taylor and Lucas and Jacob, Conner and Mason. Mrs. Garrison had been sleeping for about three hours now and no mater how loud it go she never woke up which was good, it had been hours and it was currently turning six at night and I was a little tired too.

“Do not throw your toys at your brother!” I yelled at Henry who threw a plastic car at Travis, I smacked his hand and pulled him to the corner in the basement. “Sit here for five minutes, if you move then you’ll be sitting there longer.” I said sternly as he pouted and starred at wall. I put Travis on the couch and turned on sponge bob as he giggled. Five minutes were up and I picked Henry up and spun him around a little. “Now give me a hug.” I said as he wrapped his arms around my neck as I lifted him up and kissed his cheek. “Now go tell your brother your sorry and give him a hug.” I let go of him as he ran over to Travis and hugged him as he climbed onto the couch and got soaked into the world of television.

 I walked down stairs to find Taylor on his cell phone laughing and blushing a little, I wiggled my eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes and turned away and continued to talk. The front door opened and Keith walked in dropping the keys on the table and walking down the hall. Well no greeting? He didn’t look mad he really just looked tired like everybody else. I grabbed my laptop from my room and started to look at random websites and searched. The phone rang as I grabbed it.

“Hello, Garrison residents, Raine speaking.” I said as I clicked the enter bar.

“Uh, this is Bentley, is Kali there?” Bentley asked, his voice was deep and he sounded as if he was maybe twenty-four or around there.

“She’s sleep right now, can I take a message?” I scrolled down and gasped when I saw a really cute black hoodie, “Sorry.” I muttered.

“Can you just tell her I called?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I said and then I hung up. It was quite in the house as I heard gaging noises, I quickly stood up and walked fast towards the stairs as I skipped them and walked into Jacobs room. His head was hanging off the bed as vomit was coming out of his mouth, when he was done he lifted his head and looked at me with misery. His blue eyes were weak and tired, his blonde hair was wet and stuck to his face, he was a little sweaty and he just looked so miserable. Good thing his room was hard wood. I walked to his drawers and searched all of them till I found some PJ shorts, I took them out and sat them down on his bed.

“Change into these, I’ll come up with an ice pack to cool you down and some stuff to clean this up with.” I said as I walked quickly out of his room. I ran down stairs and went to the kitchen and looked for the cleaning supplies which were under the sink, I grabbed some frebreeze, bleach, and a sponge and wash cloth, I then grabbed a blue ice pack that was in the freezer as I raced up the stairs into Jacobs room. his head was to the side and he was in the shorts I gave him, I sat the icepack on his neck as he flinched and I began scrubbing the vomit off. After ten minutes of that, I walked into Masons room and he was sleep with the blankets off of him, Conner was also sleep but he was wrapped his three blankets and he was shivering a little.

I decided that I’d make Jacob hot noodle soup, as I put the pot on the stove and turned it on and let it simmer. Travis was trailing behind me telling me about the sponge bob episode he had watched.

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