Chapter 31: Love..?

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Chapter 31: Love..?

I quickly slipped on a white strapless, dress that kind of looked a tad blue…anyway I let my hair fall loose over my shoulders, I looked myself in the mirror twice, maybe I was being to over board. I mean it is just our first date…and I wouldn’t even call it date because we’ve only been dating for a couple hours. I’d like to say…uh…hang out with you boyfriend? Yep that’s how I’ll put it. I turned to Amilia who sat on the bed, I had snuck her into my window before I went to see what she thought. She had picked out the dress…well actually she had brought it over from her house and it fit perfectly. I was glad I shaved the night before I smiled at myself…and then frowned.

“What?” Amilia’s southern twang rang through the room.

“Is it a little to much?” I asked turning to look at my butt.

“Do you want to look more casual?” she questioned, I nodded, still looking in the mirror I had recently bought and put it on my wall, it was a full length. Amilia quickly jumped up from the bed and into my closet rambling through a couple things before taking out a light blue jean jacket. “How about this?” She questioned. I took it form her hands and quickly put it on. I smiled and looked at her.

I love it, thank you.” I smiled looking at her, running my hand through some of my hair that fell over my shoulders, it was soft, so soft. I looked down at my feet, my toes were painted black with a small flower design on the side, I had on some brown scandals. Amilia smiled and took the brown purse she had brought for me from her house as I put it in my hands.

“You awesome girly!” She smiled.

“Thanks!” I turned to her and hugged her, she laughed. “Have a good time. I promise my lips are zipped.” She pretended to zip her lips as she threw the key away, I shook my head and laughed.

“Bye Am.” I waved as she climbed out of the window, I watched her hop onto her bike and petal away. I walked out of my room and into Keith’s where he was putting on his shoes, I smiled at him as he turned around.

“Wow you look great.” He smiled.

“Thank ya. You look cute too.” I giggled, he laughed before guiding me out of the room where we ran into Lucas and Taylor. My eyes widened as I dropped Keith’s hand.

“Where ya going?” Taylor asked smirking.

“Out, now run along.” Keith pointed behind us.

“Hmm..going out.” Lucas smirked as he followed his twin away. I rolled my eyes and laughed as we walked out of the door.

“Where are we going?” I questioned as we walked into the back yard, I haven’t actually been real far, out here, maybe to the end of the fence.

“Some place I like to call…relaxation.” Keith looked at me as he grabbed my hand and dragged me to where we were headed. Behind the house in the backyard were the woods, and if you went a little farther you’d b deep inside, and a little farther you’d run into a beautiful like lined with rocks as the water skimmed over them.

“This is so pretty.” I looked around and admired the view, it was insanely beautiful, I walked over to where the river was as I bent down and touched the water with my finger tips.

“Yeah, this is where I go when I just want to think and stuff.” Keith answered as e sat down, on the dirt…if he would have told me we were going here I would have put on some jeans, but I found a clean wrong, not wanting to get Amilia’s dress dirty.

“Do you come here often?” I asked.

“Yeah…a lot actually, I went the night you got burnt, afterwards I couldn’t sleep so I just came out here.” He shrugged, I nodded and crossed my ankles as I leaned a little watching the water move.

“So, does it ever get difficult for you to you see?” I questioned sitting my chin on my knees as I looked at him.

“Yeah, its hard to see sometimes you know from the blind eye but you get use to it after a while.” Keith shrugged as I looked at me.

“Tell me about your mom?”

My eyes slowly found his as I starred before answering, “Uh, my mom was amazing. She looked just like me, which sucks because when I look in the mirror I see her. Ha, uh, she was really funny, and free. She was a good women. You know, I would have had an older sister, but she had a miscarriage, then I came. Back to my mom, she wouldn’t take no for an answer when she had her mind set to things. She really liked helping people, so she joined the army. Sayin that she was serving for the world and ‘that’s helping a lot of damn people to me.’ “ I mocked my mom and then laughed.

“She sounds like a good women.”

“She was.” I answered, looking at him.

“So…would you count this as our first date or something else?” Keith questioned.

“I’d say hang out…you know because we’ve only been dating for a couple of hours.” I shrugged.

“Right. Well, is there anything else you want to do today?” He looked at me, and I smiled.

“Whatever you want to do.”

“What do you think love is?” Keith asked right after I spoke.

“Love? Well I don’t know. I just haven’t loved somebody yet other than my family. Maybe I’ll find out soon.” I smirked at Keith who laughed, taking off his shoes and rolling up his jeans.

“Come on.” He urged as he stepped into the river. I couldn’t resist, I wanted to do this already! I quickly took off the scandals, my dress was fine, due to the fact that it stopped a little above my knee. I stepped into the cool water and smiled as it ran over my ankles. I smiled and continued to look down as I stepped on the small and smooth rocks…more like pebbles.

“Enjoying it?”

“Yeah.” I nodding, looking up at him with a smile plastered on my face.

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