Chapter 12: I just told a little white lie.:) hehe

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Chapter 12:Me and Kelsey are gonna be great friends!....HA! I Just Told a little white lie:) hehe

I bent over trying to catch my breath, I just ran two miles and I was close to the house, all i wanted to do was take a shower, change into comty clothes and then watch TV or something. I whipped the sweat off my forehead and continued to run. I was breathing hard, super hard. Only because i havent been running in forever. I usually run twice every week but its been like four or three weeks and I was out of shape and tired know what I mean. Also! I havent been going to softball practice or gymnastics, which ment somehow i was going to have to practice today. The Garrison family did a have a trampolione in their backyard, which means I cant practice my flips and dances alot easier. But for softball...I guess since i ran it would help, I dont know.

When I reached the porch of the house i raised my hands up in the air happy i was finally here. I opened the door and walked inside, went upstairs and grabbed some girl gym shorts, a cami some new underwear and some shampoo and walked to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I was done, I got out and realised that it was stupid to take a shower and then go back outside and practice. Soo! Since i didnt feel ike taking another shower today unless I really needed to, I decided not to practice and just stay in.

When i was done in the shower, I sruchted my hair and put on some neon colored socks, one pink and one green. I walked out of my room and went to Keiths room to see if he was their, when i opened the door, his room was neat but there was no sign of Keith. Confused i turned around and walked to Carson's room to see if he was their, and if he was to ask him where Keith was. I opened the door quietly and pecked in to find Carson and some girl making out on his bed. Fully Clothed by the way.

"Ahh!" she screamed as she looked at me, Carson turned his head in her direction and glanced at me and sighed.

"Im sorry." I said

"Yeah, you better be you just ruined a sexy moment." The girl said annoyed I rolled my eyes.

"Carson-" I started but to be cut in by the girl

"Leave." She said her voice firm

"I dont believe i was talking to you unless you want to consider yourself a teenage boy then I would be glad to speak to your kind." I said to her with a smirk before looking back at Carson. "Where's your brother?" I asked him. Carson just shrugged.

"He answered, now leave so we can get back to doing what we were and you can go crawl in a hole and rott." She said

I shrugged and flicked her off as she gasped, i closed the door behind me. I than there was a rush of saddness. Carson apparently had a girlfriend. Which ment..that I had no chance of being with him. I yes I liked Keith too but Carson just had something more about him. Why would he let me think that I liked him and act like he liked me when he turley didnt. I rolled my eyes and rubbing my face with my hands before going into my room, plugging in my Xbox and playing Black Ops, to realise my anger.

I turned off the console and walked down the stairs to the living room when Keith walked inside the house.

"Hey Keith." Carson's toy said

"Hey Kelsey." Keith replied back walking past Carson and to the living and sat down on the couch beside me. Then Kelsey came in all peppy like and took a seat infront of us glaring at me.

"So, who are you?" She asked me all snotty like

"Raine." I answered her not taking my eyes off the TV

"Why are you here?" She asked me, bring on the questions baby! COMBACKS COME WITH IT!

"Why are YOU here" I asked her narrowing my eyes towards her, i wasnt in the mood for a bitch today. If she wanted to act like a snotty brat then I would be two times worse.

"To see my boyfriend, now answer my question." She stated.

"Im sorry, I just realised I dont like talking to dogs." I said. Keith giggled got up and left into the dinning room for something.

"Listen you bitch. I dont know who the hell you are or why you're here, but you sure as hell wont disrespect him in my boyfriends house or anywhere. Oh and speaking of Carson, stay the fuc* away from him." She said vile pouring out of her mouth

"Thats gonna be kinda hard...I kinda live with him." I said nodding cocking my face to side. Kelsey shook her head angerly.

"I dont know what you or who you think you are. BUT you will be nice!" she almost yelled.

"I dont take orders from ugly ass female dogs..if you dont know what a female dog is..its a bitch." I told her

"Cross the line little girl after today, your life will be a living hell." She threated

"Been there, done that, and got a t-shirt. Anything else you want to say shit face?" I asked her smiling.

"Carson!" She yelled loudly, carson stood on the side of the couch beside me.

"Huh?" He asked

"Lets go somewhere...else." She said looking at me i stuck my tongue out at her.

"Okay come on." Carson said heading towards the front door with Kelsey. "Keith, Kelsey and Me are leaving!" Carson yelled

"I dont care!" He yelled back. Carson opened the door and walked out, Kelsey turned towards me and flicked me off.

"Fuc* you too!" I yelled when she slammed the door. HA! Me and Kelsey are gonna be great friends..! HA I just told a little white lie:)

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