Chapter 10: No longer brothers?

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Chapter 10: No longer brothers?

*Kieth's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and glanced around, I was in Raine's room..weird. I looked down to make sure i was still wearing clothes ha. I was..jeans and a baseball shirt, no pajamas? Raine was laying beside be, her head on my chest and she was curled up in a ball, her brown hair fell over her face, the ipod still playing. I got up slowly not wanting to wake her, thankfully I didnt when i got off the bed and walked out of the room. I closed the door behind me softly and turned around to come face to face with Carson.

"What were you in there for?" He asked me, his voice filled with annoynce

"Raine, she was..she kinda had a...umm." i started not knowing what to say, my brain wasnt coperating since i had just woke up.

"Spit it out Keith." Carson stated

"When you were still at Mr. and Mrs. Mcfly's house i found Raine in the closet crying and i took her to her room to get her to bed but she wouldnt let go of me so i just sat there and we both fell asleep." I answered.

"I still dont get it." Carson said angry now, then i remebered why he was angry, Carson had said that he was shooting to 'win Raine's heart' which I dont understand what for.

"You sure as hell get what im saying Carson, Its to early for me to be dealing with your bullshit." I told him, I never cussed or sad mean things I was the nice one but Carson just knows how to push certain buttons to tick me off.

"No, you know that I wanted her! Everybody but mom and dad know! even the younger ones know!" Carson yelled at him, i covered his mouth so that he wouldnt yell anymore and then wake up Raine, i pushed him towards the stairs and down them, then took my hand off his mouth.

"Why? So when you do 'win Raine's heart' and she starts falling for you and then Kelsey comes over and Raine finds out that you guys are dating? Which makes her believe you just led her on and that she was just another one of your toys?" I spat at him.

"That does count! And Kelsey isnt even suppose to be coming over for a long time now!" Carson told me

"Oh really, because two days ago when i went into your room, your computer was on, you really shouldnt have the size on 200 so everyone can see it a mile away. You were on fb talking to Kelsey and you told her to come over today and tomorrow." I stated walking past him and into the kitchen.

"Shut the hell up Keith! I all ready called dibs!" Carson yelled

"I didnt know that Raine could be owned." I stated putting a cup on the counter and turning towards the fridge.

"I'm gonna get her no matter what." Carson stated

"Really? Then when will it be my turn? Huh? When will i be able to have a girlfriend or atleast a girl that likes me instead of my liking my 'hot' brothers?" I asked him turning to look at him getting angry now. Ever since I was little, all the girls loved my brothers, they just saw me differently. Maybe because i didnt look like them (yeah i have my moms genes more), maybe its because when i was 10 Carson made me go blind in my right eye, maybe because i was the sweet one of them all and i was never a 'badass' or a 'player'.

"Dont even start." Carson said.

"Yeah beause  you know its true. I'm not calling dibs on her, im gonna let her choose. Im done with competing with you!" I said getting angeryer by the second.

"Keith its not a competion for jeez sakes!" Carson said back pulling his back

"Really!? Because when you call dibs i think its a competion. Im done." I said taking my Kool-Aid upstairs with me.

"Done with what!?" Carson yelled.

"Being your second hand man! Being your wingman! Being your 'friend'! Being your BLIND ASS BROTHER!" I yelled the last part loudly and walked into my room and shut it hard. I sat my cup down on my nighstand, picked up a baseball and throw it at the wall causing a dent.

******************** Carson's P.O.V.

"Being your second hand man! Being yoru wingman! Being your friend! Being  your BLIND ASS BROTHER!" Keith yelled loudly slamming the door.

I flinched. Is that what Keith really thought he was to me? Is he just playing around or is he being seriously..are we no longer brothers? I couldnt loose Keith...Keith was the part of me i have always wanted to be. Did i just screw everything up..again?


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