Chapter 24: Errmm.....

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Chapter 24: Errmm…..

Carsons P.O.V.

Class was very boring, I was currently sitting in third period waiting till Bio class came up so I could talk to Raine. I hadn’t seen her since we walked in, which was weird because we always passed by each other. I couldn’t comprehend a thing the teacher was saying, something about…well you know what who cares I’m not even gonna try. I saw Jace in the corner putting up four fingers, I raised an eyebrow, that kid makes no scenes.  He sat his head down on the desk dramatically and took out a piece of paper and a purple marker as he scribbled something on the paper. Football has been canceled bcuz of the storm, so I’m coming over. I grabbed my own paper as he secretly tossed the marker to me. Kelsey’s comin ovr. I raised the paper in the air a little as he read it. he took out another marker, Uninvite her! Come on man! She’s always at your house! What about me! I love you to! I tried not to laugh as I replied, I didn’t know you were curvy, Jace I’m straight…not curvy. Jace glared at me, You know damn well what I ment kid! I’m coming over unvite Kelsey. The bell rang and Jace sprang over to where I was.

“Kelsey’s going to a cheer party tonight anyway.” Jace spoke as we walked to bio together, he did have that class with me but yesterday I had ignored him to hang out with Raine…which didn’t go to well.

“Who’d you hear that from?” I had to stop at my locker to get my bio book, so we went there first.

“Casey, she’s talking about how its going to be rad and football players are suppose to go too but I’m ditching, every cheer party they have is boring and straight up gross.” Jace yawned.


“Yeah dude, they have like little make out sections with like everbody, and then everybody gets drunk and confused. I’m like really what the fuck? Case your dating Fin but your shoving your tongue down Greg’s mouth. That happens before they even bring out the booze. But you know I don’t drink.”

“So Kelsey goes to a lot of those?” I asked trying to figure this out, I never knew there was such thing called a cheer party…I for one was never invited and this is my first time hearing about it.

“To all the ones I’ve been to yeah. But she just sits there and watches…and waits till everybody wants to play a game which is usual truth or dare or that stupid twenty minutes in heaven or spin the bottle. She host almost all of them.” Jace shrugged.

“What are the dares like?”

“Carson if you cared so much about what your girlfriend was doing why don’t you go ask her, like I said before I don’t go to all of them, I’ve only been to a couple and that was like in the beginning a couple days after everybody made the team.” Jace answered, he sounded quite annoyed.

“Okay, you can come over. My mom and dad wont be there because they have to work late.” I said, they always worked late on Tuesdays.

“Good! So we can partay?” He asked laughing as he looked at me.

“Hell no. We’ll probably have to help babysit.” I shrugged.

“Gosh that’s all you do is babysit. Why cant you for one be babysat?” Jace turned the question around, why cant I be babysat is the dumbest question ever.

“You get the job when your mom has twelve kids and you’re an older one.” I shrugged.

“I still cant believe your mom had twelve kids! She’s so hot!” Jace slung his head back as I grabbed his hair and pulled it too.

“Stop hitting on my mom you creep.” I laughed as I realized and his hand was put to his head.

“You wanna go.” Jace asked pretending he wanted to fight

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