Chapter 4: I thought you were bluffing about 12 boys.

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Chapter 4: I though you were bluffing about 12 boys.

"Yes Jermey, I'm on my way. No, just take out chicken and let it thaw in hot water. Yes........if you want gravy with then sure i'll maake some....Jermey! ha i cant talk to you all day about dinner, im you too....bye." Mrs. Garrison said. "Men these days.." she said laughing. I smiled at her, she seemed like a person that would be easy to get along with.

I looked out the window and saw grass and a couple of building. I've seen pictures of georgia before..i guess they live in the country side because before we were surrounded by big ol buildings and even a Wal-Mart (jeezzz i love that place) Georgia was very pretty, interesting mostly, California..or at least where i livED (past tense) it was all city but now that its all nature, i think im gonna have to get use to it.

Mrs. Garrison had the music on 98.3 and was singing along. My mom use to be like this, always smiling and singing and doing weird thigns just to make others laugh, but she was strict  and stern too. The Van then pulled to a stop. I looked up and saw a very beautiful break building, it looked to be almost three stoires. No, it wasnt all billianre building it was more of a nice normal family with not much money three story building and i was fine with that.

"Dont be shy Raine, come, head in and then i'll get some boys to help you with your bags." she said with a smile her eyes squinted when she smiled.

"Right." I said getting out of the car. I was glad i was wearing shorts. Nope not jean shorts, come comfortable shorts with Softball written on my right leg and on my butt it is FastPitch, I then wore a purple tank top with my Gymnastics Logo on there, its said 'Blood, Sweat, and Chalk.' I had my brown hair pulled in to a high ponytail, and i looked normal, except for the sad expression.

I followed Mrs. Garrison to the front porch and into the house, the house was beautiful more in the inside than in the outside. It smelt of vanilla, and flowers. I liked it so far.

"Kali." I heard someone say, a man probably in his fortys came by and gave Mrs. Garrison a hug and then a kiss. He picked his head from behind.

" must be our new guest. Im Jermey Garrison." He said extending his hand, i took it and shook.

"Raine Weatherly." I stated looking at him, he had blonde hair and chesnut brown eyes.

"Dadddyyy." I heard a male voice say, he must have been four or somthing because he didnt sound very old.I came running down the hall way till he saw me. "Who are you?" He asked in a snotty but cute tone.

"Henry, dont be rude. Ha. Raine this is Henry, the youngest out of the nine..the other three are in college and married...and here comes his twin..Travis." Mrs. Garrison said.

Jus then came a boy with blonde hair too and brown eyes. They were identeical. He cocked his head to the side and smiled at me.

"I'm Travis." he said giggling.

"I'm Raine." I said putting my hand our for him to shake, but instead he gave me a high five. "That could work too." I said laughing.

"Let me go show you my brothers." Travis said in a cute tone. Awww he's adorable

"No, i want to." Henry said

"Lets both do it." Travis said.

"Okay!" Henry said excited as each one grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the room. I turned my head to see Mrs. Garrison laughing and smiling at me. When We were at the door i heard loud noise from the TV and then some laughing. Travis opened the door, and stepped inside, leaving me and Henry behind the door. "Come one lets go." Henry said pulling me through. I suddenly got butterflys in my stomach. Oh no.

Travis and Henry looked at each other and started counting before they screamed. I covered my ears. Damn there loud. Everybody turned there attention our way, and all their eyes drifted to me. Maybe i should have worn something different. I thought. All the boys had blonde hair and chesnut eyes except one, he had dark brown hair and his eyes were green and the other was clear as if he was blind in one eye.

I saw a set of twins aroudn the age of tweleve, then everybody else looked to be about fourteen and older. I truley thought that Mrs. Garrison was just jocking about having tweleve kids..but she wasnt.

"Who are you?" Asked a blonde one around me age, he stood up and walked over.

"Raine." I said looking at him in the eyes.

"Hmmm...Raine..cute." He said smirking.

"Im Carson." He said. I nodded. He then started pointing at the others. "Thats Conner (14) Keith (16) Linc (17) Mason( 15) Jacob(14) Travis and Henry (4 or 5) and Lucas and Taylor (12)" he said.

"Well..nice to meet you guys. I'm Raine by the way." I said waving alittle. They all waved back.

"Why are you here?" Lucas one of the twins asked.

"I..well...what happened...-" I was cut of by my stuttering.

"No more questions, ask them at dinner. Carson, Keith, go help Raine with her bags." Mrs. Garison said. I turned around quickly and made my way to the door, going outside and waiting for the cars to unlock. ClickClick. Went the car. Carson and Keith went to the trunck and started pulling out things including me. Keith was about to drop my bag with all my elctronis but then i freaked.

"No! Be careful with that!" I said quickly shuffling my hands over to the bag he was holding

"Sorry. About that.." He said placing the bag softly on the ground. "Whats in that?" He asked.

"Stuff." I asnwered not meaning to be rude.

"Sorry for asking." Keith said not with an attitude at all...he said he really ment it.

"Its just has my xbox and ps3 and games in there. If they break, I'll freak." I said picking it up from the ground.

"You play?" Carson and Keith asked at the same time

" you?" I asked

"Pfft! Why wouldnt we! Come on we are guys with needs!" Carson said I laughed quietly and took my things into the house following Keith who was in the front and Carson who was behind me. The led me upstairs to the second floor and into a white room. The bed was neatly made and everything was organized. It was a pretty big room too, i liked it.

"Get yourself comfortable, dinner will probably be done by then." Keith said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah, but hurry up. I dont like stangers into my house without knowing them." Carson said to me.

"I nodded turning around and sitting the bags and suitecases on the bed.

"Mhhmmm..fastpitch.." Carson said. I quickly turned around knowning he was reading my BUTT. "Haha nice." He said walking out of the room.

"He can be like that sometimes, just ignore him." Keith said with a smile. Dang! His eyes were attractive even if one of them is clear gray.

"Thanks..alot." I said as he left the room.

WOW! The Garrison boys sure are.....whats the word...nice? No..HOT! thats it:) I thought, as i started to un pack my things.

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