Chapter 28: This is for you!

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Chapter 28: This is for you!

It was around nine now as Keith, Linc and I sat in Linc’s room watching TV. I didn’t happen to mention what I did down stairs while they were sleep, they’d find out eventually right? Carson still hadn’t come back and we didn’t think he would be for a while, Mr. Garrison decided he wanted to sleep over at the aunts. Mrs. Garrison was staying the night at her friend’s house, Mrs. Jessica or something I forgot.

I threw my head back in boredom, this was truly boring. I sighed.

“Party at Hunter’s house, bring food mostly chips. Its gonna be a really really fun night.” Linc spoke flipping his phone shut. I raised an eyebrow.

“Dude! Hunter’s like my bestfriend! We gotta go!” Linc jumped up and threw off his pants.

“Whoa! Buddy, keep let’s keep it rated E for everyone.” I covered my eyes and found my way to the door as I opened it, Keith behind me.

“Are we going?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, obviously. Carson will probably be there too so yeah.” Keith answered a she walked into his room to change. I sighed and went into my room as I quickly stripped from my dress, I put on some flare jeans and white Hollister shirt putting my hair in a ponytail. I stepped out and saw Linc and Keith already making their way down the stairs. I followed closely behind as we locked and closed the door behind us. I hopped into the car as we drove off down the road.

I honestly didn’t know, where we were, the road signs weren’t familiar to me, though I didn’t go out much. I leaned back and sighed as Keith and Linc began to talk. I ignored them and thought about Carson, maybe I did do something wrong. I didn’t mean to piss him off, I only wanted to piss Kelsey off. This had turn the wrong way and maybe it was time for me to apologize.

When we pulled up to the house and saw people playing around in the front yard, drunk or just dancing. I avoided the people as we walked into the house seeing people dancing…on each other. Laughing, talking or drinking. I scanned the room and found people who looked familiar but then again there were so many people. I shrugged and watched Keith and Lin walk away. I sighed and walked towards what I thought would be the kitchen. Correct I was. Drink were everywhere..but not legal drinks for teens. I rolled my eyes and stepped away from the kitchen area and into the living room where the music was playing loud. Really loud. I frowned as I saw a make out session going on right in front of me. I quickly turned but to only bump into some guy. He was cute, emo looking but cute. He smiled at me and just stood there for a minute.

“Whats your name?” He yelled over the music.

“Raine.” I yelled back.

“I’m Brain! I’m a senior!” He shouted. I nodded and waved a good bye but for him to grab my wrist. “Dance with me?” He asked .

“Uhh..” I looked around looking for an escape but saw nothing. I sighed mentally and put on a fake smile. “Sure.” I shrugged. He pulled us in the middle of everything as we dance, not dirty, there was no grinding or anything, just awkward dancing. We didn’t talk either, and after a while of just dancing I was getting quite bored and I really had to pee from all the apple juice I drank before I came here. When Brian turned away I quickly walked out of the crowd and down the hall pushing past people.

 I made it to what I suppose was the bathroom. I opened the door to see a girl throwing up over the toilet. I quickly closed the door and found stairs. I walked into a random empty bedroom and locked the door as I walked to the bathroom. I did my business, I walked out and sighed. The party was quite boring and I’d only been here for about…hmm twenty minutes. I shrugged and opened the door to the bedroom to run into Brain. He smiled.

“Carson’s looking for you. He said meet him in the living room.” I nodded as he guided me back down the stairs and to down the hall. I spotted Carson and said my goodbyes to Brain as I walked up to him.

“Hey Raine!” He yelled…drunk. He was totally drunk.

“Hi..Carson we have to talk.”

“This is for you!” He yelled spinning me around to group of people dancing, confused I continued to stare as Kelsey walked by and smirked at me turning off the music as people began to groan.

“Oh people. It’s okay! Don’t worry, the music will be back on soon! But, right now, we all want to thank Raine for coming! This is her party right!” Kelsey asked, many people just starred at a couple of her friends cheered. “No please I would like you all to just listen. Now, Raine has been a bad girl lately. So let’s just rain on her parade.” Kelsey smiled as I felt water spill down my face and onto my hair, I gasped at how cold it was and many people began to laugh.

“This little whore of a loser thinks that it’s funny to play with other peoples boyfriends. Well it isn’t bitch. Now let’s all here Raine’s sob story! You dumb charity case! You moved here because you have nobody to live with, your stupid mom died and obviously didn’t teach you to stay away from girls boyfriends. What a dumb bitch of a mom you have...well had. While you urn for attention because your man whore of dad is fighting in war! Raine you are a pathetic girl, nobody loves. Because, if they did then they wouldn’t have given you away so quickly.” Kelsey spat at me while she smirked.

I knew I was crying know though it didn’t feel as if I was. Another splash of cold water landed on my face and I inched backwards and gasped again swallowing some of the water and then coughed. Many people were laughing loudly and I just felt humiliated.

“Now let’s thank Carson for little gift! He came up with everything!” Kelsey started clapping and so did a lot more. I just stared at them all as I continued to cry. Cold thick liquid fell on my head as I reached and touched it pulling some and looking at it. IT was some type of thick drink. I whipped my face and started towards the door. I flew open the door and stumbled falling into the grass, as I stood up and whipped the dirt off as I threw off my shoes and began running away from the house. I was crying and running whipping my face off and running a little more. I was wrong! Carson didn’t deserve an apology! He had this whole thing planned out. Little bitch!

It seemed like I had ran a mile towards the way we had came but I was really confused now. I looked around and saw a white 300 slowing down as it came towards me. I knew I shouldn’t have waited but I did anyway, the window rolled down and Kody sat there smiling.

“Hey..need a ride?” He asked, I nodded and sniffed as I opened the car door and climbed inside.

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