Chapter 21: It doesn't make you any different Lucas.

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I later found out after Gym that Harper and I plus Matt had art together, I also figured out that Amilia was in my English and World History class including Gym. I was glad I had made three new friends, or atleast I hoped the were friends. Kody and Carson had art with me too but I decided to ignore Kody, after what Amilia and Harper told me, I thought it was kind of creepy. So, Harper and I were currently talking walking down to art while Matt had trailed behind with Carson. I learned that Harper hated bugs but loved snakes, she was born in Ohio but only lived there for three years after moving down to Georgia, Harper had no siblings but baby sat for a job because she enjoyed children so much. I told her that she could maybe help me baby sit the smaller Garrison boy being Travis and Henry.

She was very surprised to find out that I lived them and thought that it was rather odd to be the only teenage girl that stayed there but I really didn’t think anything of it. We had traded cell numbers and planned to text and talk all the time.

When we got to class I saw Kody sitting in the back with a bunch of girls talking and laughing together, Harper began to complain about how he always did that and how it was so annoying. Matt, Harper, Carson and I sat in a little table with four chairs on the right hand side. Our teacher Mrs. Zan, seemed really down to earth, she was a young women and she seemed really nice. It seemed as if all the art teachers were down to earth these day eh? Harper had her head in her hand as she starred at the screen, Carson was laying his head down on the table and watched the lady, Matt was bitting at his nails as he looked very concentrated, I sneezed and then heard a soft bless you from Harper who wasn’t even looking.

“Okay so get your pencils out and just draw freely, I don’t care what you do but please make it artistic! Guys you may not draw stick people! They don’t count, no comic books till the end of the school year got it? Okay… draw!” Mrs. Zan yelled as she turned on the radio and Who Says by Selena Gomez began to play.

“Who says

Who says your not perfect!

Who says your not worth it!

Who says you’re the

Only one that’s hurting!” all the boy sang getting really into it. I rolled my eyes and laughed, Harper laughed loud and nudged Carson with her elbow as he poured his heart and soul into the song. It was hilarious and hard to concentrate on my work.

“Okay now, boy I know how much you dream of being Selena Gomez but lets sing solo…that nobody can hear you okay?” Mrs. Zan smiled and sat back down at her desk. I just started drawing random things, I suck at drawing, the best I can do is draw a stick person walking a dog…and my dogs don’t even look like dogs…they look like an oval shape with hot dogs for legs and ears at the top with smiling face.

“That’s a sexy looking cat.” Matt laughed as he looked at my paper.

“…Its an apple.” I said looking at him, everybody busted out laughing and Carson pulled me to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Does it look like a cat?” I asked looking at Carson.

“No…it’s a beautiful apple! I bet it’s rare!” he smiled trying to make me feel better, there was a flash as if someone was taking a picture.

“Lola! No cell phones!” Mrs. Zan yelled, we all turned to see who it was and everybody was staring at the girl that had sat down at the table with me, one of Kelsey bitch workers.

“Sorry.”  She mumbled and turned to her work. I shrugged and continued drawing getting comments from the table about how my art didn’t look like anything it was suppose to. Surprisingly everybody at the table was very good at drawing. I couldn’t wait for this class to end if I had draw another oval hot dog looking mutt then I would scream. Thankfully the bell rung and we were all dismissed, we all walked in a group together as Linc and Keith caught up with us.

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