Chapter 33: Sum It All Up! {Final ChapterXD}

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Chapter 33: Sum it all up!

Its been a couple months since I’ve been dating Keith and during it all, I’ve been having a great time. When the family found out about us, they made rules…well really only one which was we weren’t allowed to be in each other’s rooms after ten.  We have broken that rule a couple times, but only when neither of us could sleep, we’d share a bed. We’d fall asleep together and then wake up, hurrying to leave the room so we don’t get in trouble.

During the time period Carson had broken up with Kelsey, and had confessed to me that he was happy I was with Keith. He said and I quote ‘It’s about time Keith got something he wanted and me not taking it away from him.’ Whatever the hell that means. A couple weeks later, Carson had asked Harper out. Since she’s been coming over a lot including Amilia, Carson was always around, sitting beside Harper and well kind of flirting. He asked her out while we were all watching a movie, The Lovely Bones to be exact. It was Keith and I, Amilia and Matt and Carson and Harper, he had whispered something to her and she answered. Soon when Amilia, Harper and I went back to my room for girl talk she confessed that he asked her out and she said no.

Shocked we all wanted to know why, the reason was because, he had just broke up with Kelsey a week or so ago and she didn’t want to be his new toy. But then during the week, she changed her answer and they were now dating.

Kelsey and I still hate each other, but she ignores me and doesn’t really talk to me unless she truly has to, Kody..well Kody was kind of pissed when he found out about Keith and I. He did cuss Keith out and Keith cussed him out too, which is a shocker because I cant remember once when Keith has cussed. Anyway, Kody avoided me which was a good thing. I heard he likes this girl name Kyra.

During the months, dad had come for two weeks for his RnR which was totally cool. We hung out the whole time and he approved of Keith, they were like brothers. I’d sneak a peek of them talking and laughing together which was really good, I liked they way they bonded.

What else was going on, OH! I got to meet the older brothers! Kyle, Bentley and Ryan their really weird and cool, Kyle’s like an older Carson, Bentley is an older Linc and Ryan is a Travis…which may sound weird because well..Travis is like four but he’s a kid at heart. It’s cute when I see him and Travis always talking and laughing. While they were visiting, Travis was with Ryan the most, cute I know.

Really, to sum it all up…living with the Garrison boys has been hectic…they kind of ruined my life…heck who I am kidding?! I love them all!

“And we love you too!” Keith’s voice sounded, I quickly turned, he was standing behind me as I was writing on my laptop in my diary.

“Did you that all?” I asked a little embarrsed.

“Yes..yes I did.” He kissed the top of my hair.

“You’re a jerk.” I muttered.

“I know.” Keith laughed, and I shook my head at how corny he sounded trying to make it sound like that song.

“Mhhm.” I closed out of my diary and turned, I starred at Keith as he pulled me out of the chair and down the stairs.

“Where are we going?” I whinned.

“We’ve got a triple date.” Keith laughed, as we walked out of my room and to the front door where Matt, Amilia, Carson and Harper were waiting.

Well guys, that’s it. That’s how everything started, my grandma’s death, leading to me dating the most wonderful guy ever. Maybe my grandmothers death did make things happier, make things better. Her death led up to me finding love and new friends. And, grams, I’d like to thank you for that, though it is a sad thing, you are dearly missed and you have changed my life.

I’d like to thank you! For actually reading my story! Through the bad, good, funny, retarded, and horrible you stuck with me all the way through. And for that I have to thank you all. Well that’s all, going on a triple date. I hope to see you all soon!

-Raine Storm Weatherly

Kay, guys, thats the end of this story!:) I just want to thank you all for reading it and supporting me! To the comments, voters and fans! also random readers! Please comment what you think about the whole story below, and if i should have a squel what do YOU think it should be:)<3 That would mean so much to me. I enjoyed writing this story and i hope you enjoyed reading it thanks!


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