Chapter 9: My worst fear...:(

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Chapter 9: My worst fear :(
"Can we turn now?" Carson asked me when i walked into the living room with a bowl full of popcorn
"Have you boys learned how to play nice?" I asked them taking a seat right in the middle.
"Yes, we have! Turn the channel! I cant take another one of those stupid little backpack games or swiper no swiping or how the helped the dolphin find its mom! Please turn!" Carson said putting his hands in his hair
"Yes! Deakgo is on! Thats Doria's cousin! We're watching!" I joked obviously they didnt take that very well.
"NO" Keith said
"Haha. I was just screwing with you guys." I said pressing the guide button and looking through the channels. "Keeping Up With The Kardashins! I love this show!" I said crossing my legs and sitting the remote onto my lap.

"Hell noooooo." Carson said reaching for my lap

"Ahh!" I screamed as he hands brushed up against my legs. "Dont touch me." I said looking at frowing but hiding a smile. He rolled his eyes and took the remote flipping through the channels. BOOM! i heard from outside, I jumped.

"Whats was that?!" I asked my anxitey rising.

"What was what?" Keith asked looking at me and then started looking around.

" nothing." I stated settling back inside the couch. BOOM BOOM CRACK! I heard again. My eyes went wide. The suddenly the power went out and i screamed. "AHH!"

"Calm down! Keith come with me, Mr. Mcfly could help us with the power." Carson said standing up and walking towards the door. Keith followed behind him.

"No!" I said grabbing Keiths hand, he turned around.

"Raine, just stay here okay, it should only take about five to ten minutes to get the power runing." Keith said smiling sweetly at me, a smile that made we want to trust him.

 I nodded slowly as i let go and they headed out of the door. I started breathing in deeply, in and out trying to calm myself. I hate it when it storms like this! Another BOOM, but this time lightling stuck because i could hear a big CRACKLY sound. I shut my eyes hard. Daddy? a thought came, the memories flooding in. Another thunder crackly and i was up running, I found a closet in the hallway and jumped inside, scared as heck. Another BOOM and i dropped to the floor, putting my hands over my ears trying to block out the sound, it didnt help. When the next thunder crackly went off i shut my eyes tight as the memories started to flood back in.

*****Flash back 4 years ago Raine is 12 then.

The thunder was roaring as i sat in the kitchen closet. I was scared terrible, Dad and or Mom still werent home from the party. They seemed to never be here when it stormed. I sat there crying to myself wondering when they would come and hopefully they would be here soon. I was sitting in the same closet as usual when a storm came, taking it all in by myself, nobody there to hold me and tell me it was okay, nobody there to sing to me making me feel safer. Yes, I know a stupid childhood fear, but when you started to be left alone all the time when it was thundering from the age of 8 it was terrifing and i still havent gotten over it. Another boom came by, it scared so much, i blacked out............................................................................**************


I started crying. I couldnt do this anymore, I wished Keith and or Carson were hear right now, I really need them. Another BANG and  i was crying, singing my moms favorite song. "And she will, be loved, she will be loved." I sang lowly.

**Keith's P.O.V.

Carson and I were inside of Mr. Mcfly's house, he was fixing the cable that was connected to out house odd huh? When he had finished Carson decided to stay for a while and help Mrs. Mcfly with moving things around the ktichen and arranging things. Mrs. Mcfly has been wanting Carson to help for a couple of weeks now and Carson has always been ditching it. Mrs. Mcfly wouldnt let him off the hook now.

I left and ran to my house which was next door not wanting to get wet. When i walked in, everything was quite, Raine wasnt in the living room. I looked around confused when i heard singing. To be exact it was She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. I neared near the sound, getting closer to a closet in the hallway. "Raine?" I asked and then the music stopped. "Raine are you in there?" I asked steping close to the door, i could hear here sobbing. "Are you crying?" I asked about to open the door.

"Ha, no why w-would i be c-crying?" she asked trying hard to hide the sobbing sounds you get when  you cry.

"Then why are you in a closet?" I asked her

"I-I was looking for a-a jack- AHHHHHHHHH!" She yelled as the thunder roared, I heard her cry harder.

"Raine." I putting my hand on the door knob. "Raine are you okay?" I asked waiting for an answer.

"Yeah..L-like i said i-i-i wanted a jacke. AH!" She yelled again, i opened the door to see her curled up in a ball her hands over her ears rocking back and forth.

"Raine." I said softly, she opened her eyes. Her brown eyelashes had little drops of rain clinging to her, as a river of tears streamed down her face. She jumped up and ran quickly to me before jumping into my arms. Pulling me into a hug her arms wrapped tightly around me as she sobbed.

"Its okay." I said as another BANG came she clung to me harder as i held her tighly. I walked her over to the stairs and into my room, it was closer to the stairs and i really didnt feel ike walking all the way down the hall and to her room. I layed her down on the bed but she wouldnt let go of my shirt.

"Please dont leave me." She stated. I could see how sad and scared she was.

*****Raine's P.O.V.

"Please dont leav e me." I said to him desperatly, i didnt want to be left alone. this was my worst fear and i couldnt take it anymore, I needed comfort. I knew i was crying and that i probably looked pathetic but Keith nodded and sat down on his bed his back against the head board. He sat me beside him as he grabbed some headphones and pushed them into my ears. Then music started, it was loud and I could barley hear the thunder. I leaned my head against his chest feeling it heave, as i drifted into the dark thoughts people call dreams.


HELLOOO:D okaay soo this chapter does relate to me. I am terrified of thunder but nope i am never left alone, when it does thunder i get my ipod and listen to music. Nope i dont cry, maybe once when i was really little but now i dont. PLEASE


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