Chapter 20: New friends? I think so.:)

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Chapter 20: New friends? I think so.:)


Note: Yes I do realize that I skipped a couple of classes but I will only right in the important ones. Sorry, please enjoy! Yay! Chapter 20! Soo proud really didn’t think I would get this far! It wouldn’t have been for you guys! Please enjoy the chapter!!!:D  I also apologize for not uploading like I use to and I am very sorry for it! Please comment, vote and fan! Oh and Lucas will be in the next chapter which I am currently working on so hang in there!:D


I was still sitting there listening to the science teacher but once again I didn’t understand what was going on. Stupid classes, what is science going to do for me when I get a job? If I want to work at Wal-Mart, heck even McDonalds science wasn’t going to help me. Was it? Nope, nada, zip! I had my arm on the counter and my head/chin in my hands. What was she talking about? Respiratory or circulatory system. I shrugged to myself and drifted away from the teacher looking around. Amber was there, she looked as if she was really focusing the teacher, Carson had his head on the desk his eyes closed, A couple of blondes that sat in the back huddled together where whispering and pointing. Kody and his twin brother…which one I don’t know because I hadn’t met the others were passing notes, he glanced at me and waved his fingers a little. I smiled sweetly and turned back to the teacher who had smacked the white board with her hand as she pointed.

She was a short, scrony women, not to be rude but I don’t think she could see well…reason is because her lipstick wasn’t even on her lips, it was on her chin and a little on her nose, her mascara marks were on her eyebrows and eye lids, her hair was very messy and her clothes were wrinkled and didn’t match quite well…wearing a purple shirt, on top of a yellow long sleeve with green slacks didn’t go to well for her. But then again, that could just be the way she liked to dress.

“Raine.” The lady repeated my name, I snapped to her direction felling dumb.

“Ma’am?” I asked

“Do you know how air enter your body?” She asked me, drumming her fingers against her table desk thing…I didn’t know what it was because there was sink on it too.

“Yeah, you en-hale and exhale.” I answered simply.

“Don’t get smart with me Ms. Weatherly, you might be a new student but I will not tolerate it.” She yelled at me, I frowned at her, I honestly wasn’t trying to be smart that’s how air enters your body. You breath right? Yes! She looked away and asked another kid, I rolled my eyes and huffed causing some of my hair to go up as I laughed quietly to myself. That never gets old! I did a couple more times till I realized that Carson was trying not laugh at me as he tapped his pencil against his nose. I rolled my eyes at him, a little angry with his protective-ness. Out of the blue the bell rang…I thought the classes were suppose too be at least an hour..apparently it had been. I gathered my things and escaped to my locker avoiding many people.

 I went to my locker and put in 0-10-32-28 and opened my locker throwing my things inside as I grabbed my backpack, I had packed my gym clothes in my little Addis bag which contained my black and white nike tempo shorts and my old softball shirt and some tennis shoes. I shut my locker as I had my backpack and my gym bag and found my way to the Gym. Yeah, I knew I had lunch this period but maybe they would let me put my stuff in my Gym locker and then head back to lunch. I found the gym easily and walked in seeing a couple of guys in the main area of the Gym stretching as they glanced at me. Many smiled others tried to talk to me.

“Hey watch out!” A guy yelled, I quickly turned around to see a soccer ball coming straight to my chest, I bumbed it with the middle of chest as it fell and I began juggling with it as I walked towards the guy. He just starred at me in disbelieve. I wasn’t that close to him so I juggled it once more watching it fall as I kicked it hard to him. He moved out of the way and watched the ball drop and roll off. I turned back around and walked towards an office type thing where a middle aged man was watching as he smiled and leaned against he door frame.

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