Chapter 30: Yeah

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Chapter 30: Yeah

CHAPTER 30! Eff yeahhh!!!:) omg I’m so happy I actually made it this far! I want to thank you guys so much, for the fans, commenter, voters, readers! You guys are awesome and if it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have gone this far with everything!:) Don’t forget link the photo you have made for the story or chapter!:) Thank yaa! LOADS

Kody pulled up to the house and stopped. I reached for the door handle, but pulled back and looked at him.

“Thanks.” I nodded at him.

“Your welcome. Take a shower when you get home and warm up, don’t want you to catch the flu.” Kody joked. I nodded and looked down at my hands. “Raine, I am sorry. Really, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“No, its fine, just forget about it. Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I nodded and got out of the car closing it behind me as I waved and he drove out. I saw the car back in the drive way as I walked up to the front door and opened it and was quickly pulled into a hug with Linc.

“Gosh, Raine we were so worried!” He whispered in my hair as his arms tightened around me, though I couldn’t hug him back.

“I’m fine.’ I croacked, my voice hoarse.

“Go take a shower. I’ll get some soup ready for you.” Linc nodded as I smiled at him and walked up the stairs and passed Keith’s room but he was facing the other way. I passed by Carson’s room as he rubbed his hands through his hair. I ignored it though and continued back up to my room. I grabbed some pants and a long sleeve shirt as I hurried to the shower. When I felt the hot water touch my body I tilted my head back and smiled. Gosh this warm.

After a while of being in the shower, soaping up and washing my hair and stepped out of the bathroom in my dry clothes and my hair dry due to blow drying as it was in a ponytail. I put some socks on and walked down the stairs heading to the smell of soup.

“Raine!” Carson’s voice shouted as he came out of his room into the hall way. I turned to him and frowned. “That wasn’t suppose to happen! I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was agreeing to!” Carson’s voice was loud as he starred me in the eye.

“You just stood there, when it happened you just stood there and watched. You laughed along with them.” I breathed looking at him frowning a bit.

“I know! And it was wrong but please you have to understand-“

“It doesn’t matter anymore Carson. Just know that this will never happen again. I’m done with your girlfriend. You know, the funny thing is, even when your not drunk, you just sit and watch when she humiliates people. I don’t why you try stop her, hell I don’t even know why your with her. But I do want you to know that pay backs a bitch…and so is your girlfriend.” I spoke turning and walking away.

I made it into the kitchen where Linc was pouring the soup into the bowl. He smiled and pushed it in front of him. Keith was sitting there as Linc said his goodbyes and left up stairs for some sleep. Keith also had a bowl of soup as he put it into his mouth and swallowed with an ‘Ah’.

“Raine…I have a question.” Keith glanced at me, his eyes were starring at mine deeply.

“Yeah?” I asked putting my spoon back into the bowl full of the delicious liquid.

“I like this girl, she’s beautiful, funny, weird, and sometimes and idiot but its hard not to be drawn to her. I’m so glad I’ve met her because I think that she may be the one I want to date…but how do I tell her that?” Keith asked, “I know this sounds cliché and stuff, but really this is important. I’m sick of competing with all these other guys. I want to be with her.” He looked at me and with those eyes, I knew he truly meant it.

“Just tell her. I bet she’d love you too. You really are a great guy, and any girl would be happy to be with you.” I smiled.

“Okay.” He breathed and nodded, a small smile coming across his lips. We ate our soup together as we just really talked for while until everything in the bowl was empty and our belly’s were full we walked together back upstairs. Keith left to his room to change and I settled in bed, I picked up a book I had been reading for the last couple of days and sat it down on my legs as I read it.

My door opened slightly and in walked Keith, he was in PJ pants as he smiled at me and walked inside. I smiled at him and scooted over when he stood there waiting. He sat down and let his arms fall to his legs, he was silent for a while as he turned to look at me a couple times.

“How’s your book?”

“Good, great actually I’m really glad I bought it.” I nodded, dog earring a page before sitting it down on the bed. “What’s up?” I questioned.

“I don’t know how to say this.” He laughed nervously.

“You didn’t get a girl pregnant did you?” I asked, completely serious, you never know these days.

“No! Ew, gross! No! What made you think that?” He questioned looking at me with those eyes that you could never tell what he was feeling.

“Well, you know that’s a how a girl usually tells her baby daddy or husband that she’s pregnant so I just thought that maybe-“

“Raine I really like you. Okay, your insanely pretty, and crazily wild, you complete funny and utterly stupid. I really like you, like a lot.” Keith looked at me, and I starred at him shocked. He liked me? “Please don’t freak out on me just yet! I know that you and Kody, have been-“

“Kody and me are just friend.” I answered quickly.

“Well…okay then?” He looked at me oddly, and before I knew what I was doing I had my hand up to his face as I leaned in. I kissed him, long and passionately, our lips moving together, it just felt right. Our lips made a smacking noise as the broke, our foreheads leaned against each other as I starred into his eyes. I wasn’t sure if I liked Keith, I mean in the beginning I had, but I slowly drifted away but right now I quickly, quicker than a cheetah wanted to be with him. I knew that Keith would a good guy, the right guy for me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close as we hugged tightly, it felt so right. I felt so much better being in his arms, I had forgotten all about what had happened tonight and all that really was going on in my mind was Keith.

“ you want to-“

“Yeah.” I whispered back as I laid my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes, I knew I could probably fall asleep like this, but not just yet. I pulled away from him. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” My head was slightly tilted down and my hair was slightly in my face but I smiled, he tucked some of my hair behind my ear before kissing my forehead.

“Night.” He mumbled with a smile before walking out and leaving.

I, Raine Storm Weatherly have a boyfriend. I smiled at the thought and turned off my lamp snuggling into my pillow and slowly fell asleep.

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