Chapter 23: Not in the mood for a slut today.

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Chapter 23: Not in the mood for a slut today.

Hey! I’m sorry if you didn’t like the last chapter, honestly I just needed an extra chapter and the thought just came to me when I heard someone on my TV yell “Don’t spill the soup!” haha honestly its true, I cant remember what show it was but that’s what they yelled, then after words I listened to bed intruder on youtube because it always gets me laughing! Ahh people these days! Anywayy! While I was watching this…I was watching Dora and she’s so much older! Soo cute! Haha sorry, omg! She has her own movie! Like legit that’s cool, I wanna watch itJ ahh there I go again once again I’m sorry. Oh yeah so if anybody is confused this is a list of the Garrison boys and their statues.

Conner (single)

Mason (single)

Carson (Dating slut whore bitch Kelsey)

Keith (currently single)

Linc (currently single)

Taylor (getting a girlfriend)

Lucas (single and thinks he’s to young for one.)

Jacob ( doesn’t care for a  girlfriend)

Travis (is still grossed out about girls)

Henry (slowly getting over cooties)

Bentley (second son born, divorced 25)

Ryan ( has a girlfriend, 32)

Kyle ( third son born two years younger thank Bentley, 23 single)

That’s all now enjoy the chappyyy!:D


I woke up rather surprised that I wasn’t in the pain I had expected. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 5:54, and I would I’m suppose to be up at six because the bus comes at 6:55. I slung my legs off the side of the bed and took a deep breath when a little shot of pain went through my leg. I looked down and saw a couple bandages on them same with my arm and collar bone, and one big bandage on my neck. I slowly got up and limped to my closet I took out some white Addis sweats and a black shirt with my name grafftied on it, my dad had gotten it for my when he was in Iraq a couple years ago. I grabbed some new underagarments and limped into Linc’s room quietly as he was still sleep, he would be up in a couple minutes. I turned on the shower not to hot and not to cold either as I climbed in and clenched my jaw.

I slipped out of breathing heavily, Linc’s shower is like a presser washer and presser washer plus burns, blisters, and cuts means not the best combination. I slowly slipped on my clothes and limped out of the bathroom in a little pain, Linc stirred and then sat up fast pulling out a stick from under his pillow.

“Linc stop it.” I whisper yelled flinched a bit.

“Damn it Raine, don’t just walk in my room unannounced, I was about to beat the shit out of you.” Linc exhaled a breath and ran a hand through this blonde hair. “Your not going to school I don’t know why your getting dressed.” He said getting out of bed and going to his closet.

“I am so.” I said walking out his room and into mine as I slimply put my hair in a pointy tail and put a sports hair band in and slipped my feet into some flip flops. I grabbed my phone and I saw I had four text messages all from this morning.

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