Chapter 7:Yeppie Not

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NOTE: Short chapter ik

Chapter 7: Yeppie..not

I was sitting in my room when i heard yelling. I opened the door, i really dont like easdropping but it sounded interesting, i poked my head out of the door.

"Mom! No i have to go!" Carson yelled

"You got detention for your phone going off! The stupidest reason ever! Your not going to your aunts!" Mrs. Garrison yelled

"I cant stay here!! With only Keith?!" Carson shouted back!

"Whats wrong with Keith!? And lower your voice young man! You also have Raine." Mrs. Garrison replys

"Keith? Heck no and I barley even no the girl." Carson said shouting a little but his voice lowering.

"Well im sorry. We will all be back tomorrow. Keith order pizza and or something. No leaving the house. No partys either. If I find out that another party was thrown when we are gone, Carson and Keith I will have your ass." Mr. Garrison threatened. I heard both Carson and Keith sigh.

"bye guys. Call if anything happens..Raine" Mrs. Garrison yelled. I pretened that the door was opening and stepped out and stopped at the stairs, Carson and Keith both looked up,

"If anything goes wrong just call me ok, and dont hesatite to tell me if they throw another party." Mrs.  Garrison smiled.

"They is a plural pronoun, I which is singular didnt throw a party last time." Keith stated.

"Shut up smart ass!" Carson said turning around and walking into the living room, Keith giggled.

'Bye." Mr. Garrison said shutting the door. Everybody was in the van, and another car, as they backed out and drove off leaving Keith, Carson and myself home alone. Yeppie..not.

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