Chapter 13: The Blind Pirate

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Chapter 13: The Blind Pirate

I sat indian style on the couch. Carson and Kelsey have been gone for 10 or so mintues, Keith hasnt left his room and I was sitting still sitting on the couch bored. Then the Sun Drop commercacil came on! The most funniest and awesomest commercail ever!

"Drop its like its hot, Drop its like its hot!" The TV said to me. I got up and started to dance then the commercail went off. I walked to the kitchen and looked through the cabniets, we had food. I didnt feel like having pizza or take out or fast food i wanted a well cooked meal. Then it hit me! Carson and Keith are having some 'problems' between each other! SO why not just make dinner and FORCE them to eat together! YES! Two points for Raine!:P

I ran upstairs and threw on some jeans, grabbed some money, my cell phone. But, I dont really know this state....I havent really been out alot to figure out where to go and the best places to shop. Who would love to be in this adventure..hmmmm only if there was someone here. I smiled sneakly and ran akwardly to Keiths door.

"KEITH!" I yelled busting in and taking a sharp turn to look at him, he was in a white shirt with red and blue boxers.

"Crap, Raine." He said covering him self.

"Keith...well I want to make dinner today, but I need some ingerdients and I dont really know where any groccery stores are so I eally need someone to come along." I sweetly fittling with my fingers.

"You want me to come?" He asked

"Yeprz!" I replied.

"Kay hold on." Keith replied.

I fist pumped the air and Keith laughed as i headed out of his room and down the stairs. I turned off the TV and stood at the door. Keith came down stairs, he jeans, his white V neck shirt with some sneackers. May I say, he looked hot. I opened the door and walked out towards the drive way.

"Wait, we dont have the are we gonna get there?" I asked turning to look at him.

"We do have another car, We call cant fit in the van." Keith stated. The garage door began to open and there, sitting in the garage was a Black Hummer. I jumped in excitment!

"You have Hummer!!?" I yelled running to it and traveling my finger across the frame of the door. The car door unlocked and jumped in, the leather seat smooth.


"You seem happy." Keith stated as we were driving.

"I am, you do to, well you seem happier than you were this morning." I stated looking out the window,

"Yeah." He replied trailing off.

"Why were you mad?" I asked him looking at him

"Carson and I got into an arugment." He answered making a right.

"About what?" I asked him curiously

"You sure do ask alot of questions." He stated avoiding my question.

"If you want me to stop then I will." I answered

"No, anything else you want know about mwa?" He asked, I laughed a little.

"Yeah, why is one of your eyes grey?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm blind in that eye." He stated as if we were talking about the weather

"What! How!" I said loudly.

"When I was ten, I had a little party with a couple some of my friends, and my brothers. It was pirate themed so i wore a pirate costume and an eye patch. We were messing around talking about how the ship had crashed and the only way we could survive was to swim to shore. So I begged my mom to get our waterguns. Her and Carson filled up the waterguns, well supposly Carson filled the waterguns with water and he thought the bleach bottle was water to so he put that in his gun.

The bottle didnt have a label on it and it would sit beside the hose all the time so i guess that where he got the idea it was water. He gave us all the waterguns and he kept the orange and blue one with bleach in it. We had two teams, My team and Carsons team, since were were captian of our team, he had to battle it out. We did and he shot the waterguns 'water' at me and it went into my eye. I dropped to the ground and started crying and was rushed to the hostipital. They tried flush my eye out, but we go their to late and it caused me to become blind." Keith finished

"Wow, why the heck would you put bleach in a water gun even though the hose was working?" I asked

"I dont know." He answered. "And thats the story of the Blind Pirate." He said

"Im sorry, I think its kinda cute that you were a Pirate though." I said smiling.

"Haha thanks." He answered and then the car went silent. As we continued to drive.


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