Gymnastics= blood, sweat, and tears.

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Chapter 14: Gymanstics= blood, sweat, and tears

We just pulled up to walmart as I got out of the car followed by Keith. We walked down the road thing and towards the entrance of the store. It wasnt really packed but there were enough people. I began to walk towards the meat section. I walked over to where the chiken was and grabbed a chiken boob. I say boob because i hate the word breast. Its old and nasty, makes me sick.

"What are you getting?" Keith asked from behind me.

"Food." I answered him putting the chiken boob container into the small blue basket.

"Noo really!?, but serious what are we eating tonight?" he asked again

"Like i said before. Food." I answered him walking over to where the saulsa would be found, including the noodles. I grabbed them and dropped them into the basket, walking off and grabbing some greese. I turned around to see Keith following me. "Want anything?" I asked him.

"No." He answered. I nodded and began to walk off towards the checking. I stood in line with Keith beside me. Keith took out his phone, fliped it open, rolled his eyes and shut it back.

"Who was that?" I asked him running a hand through my hair.

"Nobody that concerns me. Raine will you please tell me whats the food for." Keith begged, giving me the puppy dog look.

"Dinner, now you just going to have to wait rill Dinner and then you'll know. Now secure that lip back where it needs to be before it falls off." I said laughing lightly. He smiled and fixed his face.

"Nexxt!" Said the cashier person. I jumped over to where the thing was and placed my iteams on the board as she slid them across. "That'll be 30.58$" She said looking at me with a board expression. I nodded and took out my wallet.

"I've got it." Keith said placing a fifty infront of the lady.

"Keith, i can do it." I told him glancing up at him.

"Its the least I can do, I mean, your making dinner anyways." He answered tilting his head to the side with a smile. I shook my head as a grinn pulled against my lips.

"Your change is $20.58" The lady said handing Keith the money we bot said thank you and headed off. I climbed into the hummer, sitting the bag below my feet. Keith was already in the car starting it. The radio began to play the song "Lazy Song" By Bruno Mars. I began to sing it.

"Today I dont feel like doing anything

I just want to lay in my bed

Dont feel like pickin' up the phone

So leave a message at the tone." I sang glancing out the window. Keith laughed at me.

"What?" I asked him confused.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all."

"That just *clap clap* cant play ball!" I said clapping in the middle smiling.


"Softball cheer." I replied cracking my knuckes.

"You played softball?" Keith asked me.

"Yep, four years. Including two years of rec. I also do gymnastics. Top in the state of California. I was on the list of top 10, i was number 5." I added smiling.

"I bet you were good." Keith answered as he made a turn.

"No duh! If I'm number 5 of 10 people in the state of California then i blieve im good!" I said putting my hand to my heart.

"Yeah, they have a cheerleading squad at our school you should try out." Keith suggested.

"Nooo. Gymnastics and cheerleading are two different things buddy boy. Chearleading is just yelling cheers and well..cheering. Gymanstics is heart, you have to put you blood, sweat and tears into being the best. Thats why Gymanstics is in the Olympics not cheerleading." I answered.

(N/O no offense to the girls and boys who cheerleader, I am also a cheerleader. Not for my school though.)

"Right. Well, cheerleading is quite intersting."  Keith conitiuned.

"Yeah, for the perverted guys who just want to see them jump and look under there skirts, or see girls in tight uniforms to show off their curves and boobies." I told him

"Thats not what i ment." He answered

"Yeah I know." I said.

"How long have you been doing gymnastics?" Keith asked me.

"Errrmmm..since i was four. It gave me something to do ya no? When i turned eight I decided to do softball, so i qute gym. But then i missed being able to flip and perform and all, i even missed the leotards. So i decided when i was tweleve that i wanted to do both and i have been doing both till now." I said scatching my cheek.

"Oh, maybe mom will let you sign up for them both." Keith suggested.

"Noo, thats soo much money, my dad missed like ten payments. I got like two for free because i was that good." I answered.

"oohh. Well you cant stop doing what you love." Keith said.

"Yeah. What do you like to do?" I asked him.

"We'll talk about me when we get into the house." He answered.

For the rest of the car ride, we just talked. Keith was a person you would go to for adivice or somthing. I might have a tiny...a TINY, crush on keith. I SAID TINY!

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