Chapter 11: Tension

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Chapter 11: Tension

**Raine's P.O.V.

I turned over, and strechted. Boy did i sleep good. I opened my eyes and looked around, then i heard music. I frowned and looked down at the ipod that was on my wasnt mine, this one was silver..mine was purple. I got out of the bed and pushed my hair into a neat ponytail and changed into some jeans (rolled them up to make them look like cute shorts) and a hollister navy blue shirt. I walked out of the room and down the stairs, nobody in sight. Then the phone rang, I didnt like answering the phone that didnt belong to me unless i reconized the number but nobody was up so i guess I'll answer it.

"Hello, Garrison residents Raine speaking." I said

"Raine dear! Its Kali! I just called in wanting to tell you and the boys something..are they awake?" She asked me

"Im not sure..but they are probably asleep." I answered putting the phone in between my sholder and ear and cracked my knuckles.

"Oh..well I just wanted to let you guys know that we might be staying alittle longer. My sister planed for us to go to an adventure park and spend the night agian so thats what we are doing. Im sorry we have to leave there with two boys all alone." She said the last sentence sadly.

"Nah. Its fine we're all doing good, no partys either." I answered

"Haha. Good. Well i have to get going, we are going out to eat for breakfast, tell the boys I said thanks and I love them. And give Carson back his phone, its int he first drawer in the kitchen, underneth all the rags." She answered laughing.

"Will doo." I said turning around and looking at the fist drawer in the kitchen.

"Okay bye sweet pea." Mrs. Garrison said and then i hung up the phone. I walked towards the drawer and pulled out the blackberry, I hesitated to look around through his phone, I didnt want to find something that i shouldnt have found.

"BOYS!" I yelled, and then heard feet moving across the floor, Carson came down first followed by an unhappy Kieth, i could tell because he always had a sweet smile on his face, now his smile was upside down.

"What?" Carson asked

"Your mom's staying at your aunts for another day, and she wanted me to give you your phone back." I

said handing it to him.

"You didnt look through it did you?" Carson asked.

"No..." I stated

"What you dont want Raine finding out something she shouldnt?" Keith mumbled.

"Shut up please." Carson said his voice hard but low.

"Yeah dad." Keith said turning around. I caught his arm. He looked at me with a 'what do you want' face, i let go and shook my head. Carson rolled his eyes and walked away upstairs.

"Keith.." I said as he skipped stairs to get to his room fast.

"What?" He asked annoyed, he turned around.

"Thanks for last night." I stated half smiling at him and then turned around to go back to the kitchen.

"Raine.."Keith said. I turned my head to look at him. "Its not about you ok." Keith stated nodding his head once and heading back upstairs. I sighed loudly, I knew it was all about me, by the way the acted, it was probably all my fault. The tension is this house was super thick, you had to cut it with a friken knife.


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