A Day in the Life of Your Birthday

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Once again it's that year again to celebrate yours and my birthday so without further to do


The ninja were in the monastery preparing everything for your special surprise birthday

"I'm telling you my present is the best" Kai said making the ninja glare at him

"You probably got her one of your dumb swords" Jay said making Kai glare at him

"Says the one who got her nunchucks"

"Hey nunchucks are cooler than lame swords"

"Scythe are awsome" Cole said back

"Says the one who basically looks like the Grim Reaper with that scythe behind your back and black hoodie" Lloyd said back

"What did you say, unlike you we have golden weapons" Cole tackled him

"But I'm the green ninja" Lloyd pushed him off as the ninja were about to fight when Nya interupted them

"Could you guys go one day without fighting over Y/N" Nya said entering the room with the cake setting it on the table

"What how do you know!?!?" The ninja said turning red

"Well..." Nya began


"She is mine!" Jay shouted jumping Kai

"Keep dreaming cause it's never going to happen!" Cole shouted as the ninja started fighting as they didn't know that Nya was watching them

Back to the present

"I just know" She said back

"So where is Y/N?" Zane asked

"Her friends took her out to town so she'll be back in a few hours in the meantime finish decorating I'll be in the kitchen" Nya said walking out

"Oh and don't mess up the cake I mean it" with that said she walked in the kitchen as the ninja began inflating the balloons when they heard a knock at the door. As Cole was about to open the door Kai stopped him

"Wait what if it's Ethan," Kai said

"Ya you're right ok Cole opens it and we'll jump him" Lloyd said as the ninja nodded

"1....2... 3!!!!" Jay shouted as Cole opened the door and the ninja tackled whoever it was

"Well I didn't expect to be greeted like this" Someone said as the ninja looked to see it was the pizza guy

"Oh ya I forgot I called him" Jay said as the ninja glared at him

"Sorry about that" Zane said helping him up

"We thought you were someone else" Kai said back

"Hey one of your friends..........should I ask what happened" Nya said

"Nothing," The ninja said

"Well anyways one of your friends are here" Nya said

"Friends?" The ninja said looking at eachother as they walked in the room seeing it was Ethan

"What are you doing here?" Lloyd asked

"Well I was invited," Ethan said as they looked at Nya who smiled and shrugged

"Back off from her you hear me" Kai said

"What ever you say" Ethan said back

"I know what you're doing and it's not going to work you will never say that" Kai said

"Ok?" He said back looking at them confused

"Ok, who are you and what have you done to the real Ethan?" Cole said grabbing him by the collar

"What are you doing to him he's just a kid" Nya said back as Cole let go of him collar

"This kid is evil I tell you EVIL!!!!" Kai said as Nya looked at him confused

"Ok then I'll just be heading to the kitchen now" Nya said as she walked inside

"Boys" she said 

"I could hear you" The ninja shouted back making her laugh

"Oh now I remember," Jay said as the ninja turned to him confused

"Um lets say I gave him a potion that well make him.....nicer," Jay said looking at the ninja

"Well at least he'll back off from Y/N," Zane said

"Ya back off," Jay said awkwardly laughing

Skip the time

"Surprise, Happy Birthday!!!" Everyone shouted as you walked in

"Omg this is amazing!" You shouted hugging the ninja making them blush

"My lady" Ethan said as he kneeled down and held a rose in front of you

"Wow Ethan I didn't know you were the romantic type," you said as the ninja except Jay stared in shock

"Ya nether did I" Kai said as the ninja turned to him

"Ok I might have accidentally turned him into a romantic type but don't worry I'll ware off....I hope" Jay said

"YOU HOPE don't you see I rather have the old Ethan that this?!" Cole said pointing to Ethan

"Don't you see he gets closer to my girl like this" Lloyd said back

"You're girl you got to be kidding me she rather have me" Cole said flipping his hair

"Let's discuss this later for now we need to keep that kid away from her" Kai said

"And for the record she likes hot guys" He said back as the ninja jumped him

So all day the ninja tried to take Ethan away from you but it was impossible that's when some random guy decided to crash the party

(If you heard of the app Pokemon Go you'll probably know where this is going)

"I found you Pikachu" the guy shouted running up to the table where the cake is but slips and falls making the cake splatter on you

Everyone gasped as you smiled and tasted the cake

"This is delicious" you said
"This will be one birthday I'll never forget" you said laughing as the others laughed along

"Here have some cake there's enough for everyone" Ethan said smacking it on the ninja face

"This is pay back for whatever Jay did to me"

"Well good to have you back" Kai said

"It's good to be back for whatever happened" He said back

"Now SHE IS MINE!!" The ninja and Ethan shouted

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Now to celebrate my birthday with some cake and anime