When you like him: Your POV

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Kai: Your POV

Kai and I have been hanging out a lot since he gave me his phone number and I might have develope some feelings for him

So right now we were hanging out in the park while I just looked around wanting to do something

"So..." I said " What do you want to do?" I asked turning to Kai as he shrugged as I noticed an ice cream shrugged

'Maybe I'll go and buy us some ice cream it'll be a quick' I thought to myself as I started making my way their but I was stopped in my tracks when a guy started approaching me

"Hey are you alone?" The guy said

"No" I said backing up a bit as the guy walked closer

"You look cute want to come over to my place" The guy said smirking at me

"Nope would you mind leaving me alone" I said back walking away but then sudden I felt him grab my hand and pull me away

"HEY LEAVE ME ALONE!" I shout trying to let him go of me that's when I notice Kai come closer to the guy as he ran away

"Are you alright" He said as I nodded thanking him

'I wonder when I will get over my shyness and just tell him how I feel' I thought when I heard him say something about meeting him tomorrow

'Ok I'll tell him tomorrow once and for all'

Cole: Your POV

I was in the kitchen making the batter for the cake when I saw Cole walk inside

"What you making their Y/N?" He asked as I poured the batter into the pan

"Just making cake for movie night" I said back as I saw him get excited

Damn Cole is so cute when he gets excited about cake. That's when I found myself staring

"So what movie are we going to watch?" I asked hopefully he didn't see me staring that's when I heard him say something about Annabelle

Why Cole just why?!?!?!

I placed the pan into the oven when I notice Cole walking out the door

"Cole where you going?" I asked

"Just getting something from the monastery" He said back as he left

"Ok then" I said back as I started preparing the popcorn

"Annabelle" I said to myself

"I hope I don't accidentally jump into Cole's arms"

Jay: Your POV

I was walking around New Ninjago City wondering what to do when I spotted the arcade

"Well looks like I'm heading there" I said to myself as I started walking towards there once I stepped inside I notice a lot of guys staring at me

'What haven't they notice a girl enter the arcade before' I thought as I notice Jay shouting out yes so I walked over to him

"Hey Jay" I said as he turned around to me as I notice his cheeks turning pink

'Wait is he blushing or am I just seeing things but he looks so adorable' I thought to myself when I felt someone tap me from behind

I turned to see a guy

"You play video games?" He asked as I nodded as he smirked at me when out no where Jay pushed me away from him saying something I couldn't hear

"Come on Jay lets go play that game!" I shouted pointing to an arcade game

"S-sure," he said walking with me

Zane: Your POV

Here we go again taking care of my cousin the same girl who bumped into Zane and the one who sang that embarrassing song

"Hey so do you like him" She said as I looked at her wide eye

"W-what are you talking about we are just friends" I said back as she walked closer to me and looked me straight in the eye

"I think your lying" she said back

"What do you know about love anyway" I said crossing my arms

"Lots of things like the plan that you are making to confess to Zane" she said back as I looked at her

How does this little girl know so much that's when I heard her read something

"Dear Diary,
Today I am planning to confess to my crush Zane but the problem is I don't know how to" I turned seeing her reading my diary

"Hey give that back!" I shouted snatching the book away from her hands

This girl could be such a pain sometimes

"Fine if I tell you I like him will you leave me alone" I said as she nodded excitedly

"I like Zane there I said" I said

"One more question" she said back

"What is it?" I said

"If Zane is a nindroid and your a human is it possible for you two to have kids" she said as I almost choked in my water


Lloyd: Your POV

"What up Lloyd" I said as he opened the door

"Did you bring them?" He asked as I nodded

Today we were going out pranking some people

"Ok I brought the water balloons,paint, shock pen, and more" I said laying them on the coffee table

"Good lets go fill this up with paint" Lloyd said grabbing one of the water balloons as I nodded

I was grabbing one of the balloons when I saw a water balloon coming my way so I dodged it just in time before it hit me

"Lloyd" I said turning to him as he started laughing so I grabbed one and threw it to him hitting him

"Hey" he said back

"It looks like it slipped from my hand" I said smirking

Skip the time

Lloyd and I were having so much fun pranking each other we kind of looked like a rainbow at the end of the day

"Well looks like it's getting late" I said grabbing my things

"Yup round two next week" He said as he suddenly slipped on the paint and fell on top of me

I looked at him seeing his green eyes as I felt my cheeks turn pink

'Why now' I thought to myself yes it's true I do have said thing for the green ninja but I promised myself I won't blush in front of him but looks like that plan failed

"Sorry" he said getting up and helping me up

"It's ok" I said as I walked out the door

"Alright see ya" I said

"Bye" he said back as he closed the door

Looks like I need a plan to tell him

Could pranking work?

Probably not

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