Weeks Past

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Whoops sorry about this guy's I accidently deleted this chapter and I don't know how to get it back so here we go again


You denied Kai's call again on your phone as placed your phone back on the coffee table

Your nose was red so was your eyes from crying so much you grabbed another tissue when your phone rang again

You check your caller ID and saw Kai's name you didn't know why you haven't blocked him still

You turn on your TV to watch whatever you wanted when you heard a knock on the door thinking it was Kai you ignored it but the knock got louder and louder so you got up from the couch and open it when you were tackled you opened your eyes to see

"Derek!" you shouted shocked

"Hey Y/N" he said

"What are you doing here?" You asked standing up

"I heard that Kai cheated on you" he said

"Don't remind me" you said

"Well I came here if you wanted to get back together again" he said grabbing your hands

"No!" you shouted making him let go of you

"Why?" He asked

"You can kidnapped me brainwashed me and now you want me to forgive you!" you said crossing your arms

"I knocked you out once I can knock you out again," he said as you turned to him in fear

"No!" You shouted  backing up into the wall

"Leave her alone!" Someone shouted punching Derek on the face knocking him out

"Kai!" you said as he came closer to you hugging you tightly

"Y/N I missed you so much also I wanted to tell that Skylor told me about my parents, but I was stupid for believing her so I left and came back for you cause you're the only girl I ever want to be with" he said as you felt your eyes began to water again

"Kai I want to believe you but-" you were cut off by Kai kissing you

You closed your eyes and kissed him back as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he put  one arm around your waist and the other on the wall to balance you too

'Ok now I forgive him" you thought inside your head


"I can't believe him," you said to Jackie as you grabbed another tissue from the tissue box that she was holding

You were staying at the twins house for a few days. You thought back of what happened a few weeks ago

Back at the incident

"Y/N!" Anna (twin) and Jackie(me) shouted running towards you

You were left there crying a lot as Cole was their hypnotize because of the girl

"Cole you're just gonna leave her there!" Anna shouted at him as Jackie helped you up

"My hand hurts" you said

"Let's get you to the hospital," She said as she walked up to Cole and slapped him right across the face knocking some sense into him

(Your still my favorite Cole)

Back to now

That thought kept flashing in your head. It turned out that you broke your hand so they had to put a cast on it

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