When he gets Jealous

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OK you and Kai were in the park sitting down on the bench doing whatever you guys like doing (that does not involve dirty stuff)

"Hey babe, I'll be right back I need to look for someone he's suppose to be here by now," Kai said as he left the bench

"OK," you said as you took out your phone to play your F/G favorite game or 5 nights at Freddy's

A few minutes later you started to feel that someone was behind you so you looked from the corner of your eyes expecting it will be Kai.But it turned out to be a guy around your age or older like Kai, checkin  out your body

"Do you mind!" You shouted a little being annoyed as he snapped out of it

"Oh sorry your just so hot," the guy said getting closer to you

"I have a boyfriend more hotter than you," you said as you got off from the bench and started to walk away but then felt someone holding tightly on your wrist you turned around and saw the guy again

"Hey you know you can't resist me" he said as pulled you away

"Hey, Stop!" You shouted but he was just to strong until

"Hey Tony, leave her alone" It was Kai yelling. They know each other you thought to your self as Kai glared at Tony as his fist were on fire

"See hot," you said to Tony as Tony glared at Kai

"Number 1 rule in my list Never touch my girlfriend!" Kai shouted as he knocked out Tony with one punch

Everyone stared in shock you came closer to Kai and kissed his cheek "Jealous much?"

"Boys should know better than to touch my girl," Kai said as he put his hand around your shoulders and continued walking around the park


Cole always hated your guy friends Cole will her extremely jealous when your around them. Cole was in the movie theaters keeping a close eye at your guy friend

As you and G/F/N guy friend name

Were watching whatever is on the movie theaters right now sharing the popcorn

When all of sudden you two accendentally put your hands in the same bowl

"Oh sorry," you said as you quickly pulled away your hand

"No, no its okay also I have something to tell you" G/F/N said

"What is it," you asked

"I always had love you be mine" G/F/N said as he stroked your hair as Coles got jealous

"Sorry G/D/N but you know my boyfriend is Cole" you said as you pulled his hand away from your hair

"That loser doesn't need to know" he said as he tried to kiss you that's when Cole face got red from anger as he got up from his chair and walked towards you two

"Hey! Are you trying to make out with my girlfriend" Cole shouted as he clenched his fist about to punch when you punched him instead making G/F/N pass out

"That's my babe," Cole said as you two kissed making everyone in the theater Aww


Jay and you were at a fast food restaurant ordering take out you went up to the cashier that was a guy who looked like a teenager (if you are not a teen let's say you are for now because a kid the cashier that will even weird me out)

You ordered but right at that minute you heard Jay growling for some reason you chased to ignore it. That's when you noticed the guy kind of staring a you.

You played him and he took the money smirking at you making Jay even more jealous. In the outside Jay tried to look calm but in the inside Jay looked like I'm going to beat the crap out of this fool right now.

"Hey maybe when my shift is over you can come to my place and hang out," the guy said(I'm going to call him the guy)

That's when Jay came up to the counter "Are you flirting with my girl!" Jay shouted

"So what if I am," the guy said back

"Then that means WAR!" I said in the background shouting like a retarted person

"What she said!" Jay shouted going back he went into fighting mode

Let's say Jay wasn't allowed at that restaurant again


You two were at Mega Monster Amusement Park having a good time. You two were waiting in line for the biggest roller coaster ever. You two waited in the long line for awhile now

"Zane I'll be right back I'm going to use the restroom," you said as you got out of line

"Alright," Zane said as you left for the restroom. After you finished you headed back to the line trying to find Zane. Until someone grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you into the line.

You turned to see who it was and saw a cute boy around the age you were but, Zane was more cuter. You tried to pull away but the boy wouldn't let go

"Hey you seemed lost you know your very beautiful," the boy said as he stroked your hair

"Please stop," you said as you pulled away his hand

"Come on babe," the boy said

"Babe! I am not your babe! I am only my boyfriends babe or girlfriend!" You shouted annoyed

"Oh, you mean that tin head your dating that nindroid"

"Yes, and he is so much better than you," you said as you tried to pull away again

"Why don't you ditch that tin head and we-" just then the boy turned to solid ice created from ZANE everyone stared in shock

"Zane!" You said coming to hug him. Then both of you went back in line while Zane glared at the boys that were checkin you out making the boys scared

Now all guys know not to stay close to you or Zane will beat the crap out of them


You and Lloyd were at the arcade playing your favorite games just then out of the corner of your eyes you noticed a tall boy checkin you out up and down.

You choosed to ignore it but Lloyd was already glaring at him clenching his fist

"Hey kid you really want to get beat up right!" Lloyd shouted as he walked to the guy

"Why will you pick a guy like him" the guy said to you as he winked at you

"That's it!" Lloyd said as he was about to punch the guy. When  the guy came closer to you and kissed you on the cheek (oh my glob)

Lloyd got so jealous he punched the guy so hard he knocked some of his teeth down and left a big red mark on his cheek

"OK Lloyd we better get out of here" you said pulling him away

"Trust me I will be back!" Lloyd shouted to the guy as you two left the arcade

"Your cute when your jealous" you said to Lloyd as he turned bright red

"What! I wasn't jealous!" Lloyd said

"Yeah right" you said as you kissed his cheek and you two walked to the monastery.

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