Vidcon- Cole

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Back at 4 of July

"Wow those fireworks were fantastic" Nya said coming inside the hotel as well as everyone else

Jackie and Anna walked into your room as you were just cuddling with on the sofa with Cole

"Should we tell her?" Jackie asked Anna

"Wait until she comes in the room" Anna said as a while later you came in the room with your headphones on seeing YouTube on your phone

"Hey Y/N promise us you are not going to fangirl about what we are about to tell you" Anna said as you took off your headphones

"What is it? Wait fangirl? don't mean" you said as you look at the youtubers you were watching

"You don't mean!!!!!" you said excitedly as we they both showed you the vidcon tickets

You basically fangirled until you fainted


"Please Jackie control yourself" you said shutting her up

"Sorry but its so amazing we are actually meeting-"

"Look there coming" Anna said shutting her up

"Dan and Phil I can't believe its actually them!" You shouted as they walked to their tables

All the fangirls screamed and shouting their names jumping up and down

Since you three were first in line you guys went up to them whick you guys all hugged

"You two are like my most favorite youtubers!" Jackie said

"I see you have drawn the cat whiskers on you ladies" Dan said as we basically did draw whiskers on our face

"So do you guys want to take a picture?" Phil asked as we nodded and we both posed for the picture

"Wait before we leave I need to sing the llama song with Dan" you said as you two basically sang it

You guys finished as you hugged Dan and Phil again and said your goodbyes and left

"Best day ever!" You shouted to us

Question have you guys heard the llama song if not check it out

Danisnotonfire singing the llama song

And about the amazing book is not on fire I have already order it can't wait until October

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