Memory return

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"What!" Kai shouted

"I have to go," you said walking away

"Wait Y/N do you remember anything," Kai said worried

"Who's Y/N?" You said confused

"That's your name and I'm your boyfriend," Kai said trying to get your memory back

"Your my boyfriend I don't remember having a boyfriend," you said

"Yes remember my name is Tyron," Kai said joking around

"Kai don't play dumb we all know that's not your name," you said

"I know.....wait Y/N"


"Your memory is back," Kai said excited

"Wait I lost my memory?" You asked confused "Well anyway sorry if I didnt believe you what ever you-"

You didn't finish when Kai kissed you so you went along with it


"Y/N you have to remember who you are," Cole said

"Sorry but I don't know what you people are talking about," you said
You touched your cheek and right away it stinged you

"Ow!" You shouted as you saw that your fingers were covered with blood

"Wait why am I bleeding," you asked the ninja

"The vampire was beating you pretty badly," Zane said as he examined your scar

"Y/N still remember you don't remembered on us," Cole said you closed your eyes and right then flash backs were coming to you


"Do you have a crush on Cole?"
"What no,"
(How you meet)

Cole didn't care he cupped your face and pulled you into a kiss
(First kiss)

You followed the the the trial of pink and red roses
(Valentines Day - Cole)

Back to reality

"Cole," you said as you looked at him

"Y/N," he said back

"I love you," you said as Cole looked at you shocked

"I love you too," he said as pulled you into a kiss


"No, come on remember," Jay said

Jay walked over to Matthew who was now beat up pretty badly

"What did you do to my girl!" Jay yelled at Matthew

"I'm not telling," Matthew said to him

"Tell me!" He said as he picked him up and holded a fist up to his face

"Okay! Okay," Matthew started to speak "When I brought her here she yelled for help,"

Before You forgot your memory