Valentines Day - Zane

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"Yes today is Valentine's Day!" You said getting out of the bed in the morning.

Zane woke up in the monetary, he walked to the kitchen to see Jay handing Nya a heart shape chocolate box and Cole making breakfast which no one will eat

"What is going on here?" Zane said

"Zane today is Valentine's Day" Nya said cheerfully

"Valentine's Day?" Zane said checking his database

"It says that Valentines Day is the day about love," Zane spoked

"So Zane are you doing anything special for Y/N?" Nya asked

"What do I do? Zane said as he thought of something

"Well Zane all you have to do is show Y/N how much you love her," Nya said as she walked away

"Show Y/N how much I love her hmm..." Zane said walking to his room

Later that evening

You were watching TV when you heart a knock on your door. You opened it to see Zane standing there

"Happy Valentine's Day love" said as you said the same thing "Y/N can I read you a poem that I wrote for you" Zane said

"Of course Zane," you said as Zane took out a piece of paper and started to read it to you

I asked god for a flower
He gave me a bouquet
I asked god for a minute
He gave me a day
I asked god for true love
He gave me that too
I asked god for a angel
He gave me you
When I say I love you
Please believe its true
When I say forever
Know I'll never leave you
When I say goodbye
Promise me you won't cry
Cause the day I'll be saying that
Would be the day I die

Zane finished his poem and looked up to you

"Zane!" You said hugging him "I love it and I love you!"

"I love you too!" Zane said as he pulled you in for the most amazing kiss ever

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