A Day with the Ninja

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So just to let you know this is just a special chapter I made then tell me if I should make more like this

  You headed downstairs to start preparing breakfast since it was a very cold day today you have decided on making bacon, pancakes, and hot chocolate

"Good morning Y/N" Zane said coming into the kitchen

"Morning" You said back

"What are making?" He asked

"Breakfast" You said back

After breakfast

"Guys it's snowing and good news I decided it's a great idea to head to the mountains" Jay said running into the room

"Come on Y/N lets go" Jay said grabbing your hand and pulling you outside

"Wait Jay I'm still in my pajamas" You said

"Oops sorry" he said as he let go of your hand

"Ok you guys wait here I'm going to go change" You said as you ran upstairs leaving the Ninja downstairs

Once they heard your bedroom door close everyone glared at Jay

"What?" Jay askes

"Are you trying to make a move on Y/N" Kai said

"It clearly states that Y/N belongs to me" Lloyd said back

"Wait who makes Y/N yours all of a sudden?!" Cole shouted

"All of you are pathetic Y/N likes me the best" Zane said as all the Ninja started arguing when they heard a knock at the door. Jay walked up to open it showing that it was a 12 year old kid

"May we help you with something?" Jay asked the kid

"Wait aren't you the one I ran into the store the other day?" Cole asked the boy as he nodded

"Yup" he said "My name is Ethan and I just wanted-" but then Kai cut him off

"Sorry but we can't give autographs today" he said

"Actually I wanted to see if Y/N's home?" He asked as all the Ninja looked at each other then looked back to Ethan

"Nope!" They all said as Jay closed the door on him

"Sorry it took so long" You said as you walked into the room wearing your winter clothes all the Ninja turned away hiding their blush

"So come on lets go to the mountains" You said as you headed to the door while all the Ninja crossed their fingers hoping that Ethan wasn't there good thing he wasn't

"Here Y/N it's a gentleman's job to open the car door for a lady" Zane said as he opened the door for you ignoring all the glares the Ninja sent him

"Oh thank you Zane" you said as you went inside as he was about sit down next to you when Lloyd beat him

"Sorry no more room" Lloyd said as he closed the door as Zane glared at him going to the back

At the mountains

"Wow look at all the snow " You said picking some up

"Come on Y/N lets go build a snowman" Cole said as he pulled your hand as he passed by snickering at all the Ninja

"So let's start off with making the body" You said as you grabbed some snow and started making the lower body as Cole helped you

You didn't notice but Cole kept glancing at you blushing each time

"Y/N" Cole said as you looked at him when all of a sudden a snowball hit him

He looked to see Kai laughing at him

"You're going to pay for this" Cole said as he through a snowball at him as he dodged it

"Come on Y/N lets have a snowball fight it's the Ninja vs you and me" Kai said as he pulled you away Cole

"Sure" you said back it was so much fun throwing snowballs at each other when you noticed that Jay wasn't there

"Where is he?" You asked yourself as all of a suddenly you were picked up bridal style from Jay

"Jay what are you doing?" You asked as Jay turning to see the Ninja getting angry

"Try to catch us losers!" Jay shouted back as the Ninja started running towards to him

"Ninja-go!" Someone shouted as they spinjitzu taking you from Jay's arms. You looked up to see that it was Lloyd

"Lets try to find a place to hide" Lloyd said as he tried to find somewhere to hide

"Lloyd can you put me down now" You said as Lloyd blushed a deep red and placed you down he didn't noticed that he was holding you tightly in his arms

"Y/N there you are do you want to join me for some tea?" Zane asked as you nodded shivering a little. You two walked to a little cafe when the Ninja including Zane spotted a mistletoe hanging from the cafe

All the Ninja looked at each other as Kai started to make a run for it but all the Ninja tackled him

"What are you doing?!" Kai shouted

"We can't let you go under the mistletoe with Y/N because the one who should do that is me!" Lloyd shouted

"In your dreams I'm going to get that kiss" Cole shouted back

"It will be me who will get to kiss Y/N" Zane said back as all the Ninja struggled to make it to the mistletoe when

"Guys look!" Jay pointed as everyone watched a little kid with Y/N under the mistletoe

"Wait isn't that-" Cole stopped as everyone shouted

"Ethan!" They all shouted as they watched Ethan pointed up to the mistletoe as Y/N looked up, she shrugged as you kissed Ethan on the cheek

Ethan smiled as he turned to all the Ninja catching all there attention as he smirked at them and stuck out his tongue as both of them walked inside the cafe

"Did he plan this the whole time" Kai said angrily

"The real problem is that mut has stoled my Y/N" Cole shouted

"You're Y/N who makes her yours" Lloyd shouted back

"All of you know that Y/N is mine and I'm going to so beat up that kid" Jay said

"We all are" Zane said back