Your Birthday

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Guess who's birthday it is

Yours and mine

Happy birthday to you

Now give me the CAKE!!


You woke up to the sound of someone opening your door and hearing footsteps coming towards you

"Y/N" You heard Kai's voice saying softly. You groaned as you covered your head with your covers

Kai took off your covers and gave you a kiss on the cheek

"Happy Birthday!" He said you woke up as he said that

"Thanks love" you said as you got out of bed

Skip the time

For your birthday the guys took you to the casino to play some games which you had so much fun with and next took you to go eat

While the other ninja and Nya stayed home they say they have to do something important that they nest to take care of

"Where we going?" You asked Kai

"I heard this place that makes really good food" he said

When you guys finally arrived Kai opened the door for you

"Pretty girl first" he said as you blushed and entered

There you smelled the delicious food

"Welcome to chefpepe fanancy restaurant let me escort you to your table" the waitress said leading you

Yes I made up my own restaurant/bakery also fanacy means fun and fancy. I Chefpepe makes bom cakes

The lady handed you the menus
Everything looked so delicious. A while later she came back

"Are you two ready to order?" She asked

You both ordered what you wanted

"Excellent choice" she said as she left

After you two were finished with dinner the waitress came back to collect the used plates and then came back with desert

"What have you ordered for desert Kai?" You asked

"You'll see" he said as the lady placed the plate on the table

"Enjoy you two lovebirds" she said

"Cake" you said

"Here try some I heard its so good you can never have enough" Kai said as he got a piece on the fork

"Here open your mouth" he said as you opened your mouth and he feed it to you

"Its so good" you said as you swallowed the sponginess of the cake

Skip the time

You two headed back to the hotel when he opened the door all you heard was everyone saying surprise

"Wow" you said as the room was decorated and there was cake

"Happy birthday again Y/N" Kai said as he handed you a small box when you opened it there was a necklace with half heart on it

"Where the other half?" You asked as Kai pulled out his keychain that had the other half

"Y/N I know I might have screwd up in the past but I promised you that I will never ever do that again you are the only girl I want" he said as you tries to hide your blush

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