Patricks Day

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Hey people and happy Saint Patrick's day

PS remember to wear green or you'll get pinch by someone *cough* me *cough*


No really


You knocked at the door from the monastery and minutes later Lloyd answered

"Hey Lloyd is Kai here?" You said

He smirked and let you in and right away you noticed everyone wearing green and you weren't

That's when someone pinched you from behind

"Hey!" You said as you turned around seeing no one but Kai

"Sorry but you weren't wearing green," Kai said as he ran off

"You won't get away with this," you said as you chased him

"I already have!" Kai yelled from far away

It took awhile but you finally found him

"Ok I finally found you," you said walking over to him

"Hey you can't pinch me see I'm wearing green," he said as he took off his red shirt

Just right now ypu thought he wd going shirtless but no it was his green shirt

"Well I could if I wanted to," you said as you walked over to him

He smirked and tackled you

"A-," you were interuppted by a kiss


OK now in the Cole parts I am using my middle name

"OK Y/N and Jackie today is Saint Patrick's Day and today we are going to look gorgeous," Nya said as we were in her room getting ready for a Patrick's day party

And basically it was torture for us Nya putting all kinds of makeup on us (eww)
And trying on different clothes like tight clothes

"Can't breath," I said as Nya was examining the dress I had on
(I hate dresses but it was for a party)

"No not the right one Hmm... I got it green dresses!" Nya said cheerful

"No I'm out," I said walking away until you stopped me by saying

"There's going to be cake!"
(Can't help it everyone in my school knows I'm a cake lover)

Time skip to party

Everyone arrived at the party it was decorated in green

"Now this is party so there's cake," Cole said looking around

You playfully punched Cole in the arm he smirked looking at you

Then there was loud music playing Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars

You looked at me who already made my way to the dance floor

"Hey Y/N want to dance," Cole said you nodded while you made your way to the dance floor


You were in the monastery with Jay it was Patrick's day and mostly everone was mad at Jay for pinching them

It was about a few hours ago it the morning when the pinching started

"Hey ow," Lloyd said rubbing his arm

"Sorry but you weren't wearing green," Jay said

"I'll get you for that," Lloyd said as Jay just started laughing

"We need to do something about this," Kai said to everyone who was in the room and everyone I mean

Lloyd, Zane, Cole ,you, and Kai

"What can we do Jays unstoppable," Zane said

"I know a way," you said

1 hour later

"Hey guys!" Jay shouted opening the door

That's when he was poured with paint that was not green from above the door

"Hey look Jay doesn't have green," Cole said as everyone started to make their way to Jay

"Hey guys you know I was just playing with you," Jay said walking back words

Let's say jay couldn't move his hands for a week

"Poor Jay," you said as you put a ice pack on his arms


"Hey Zane you know what day it is," you said giving him a hint about you wearing green

"March 17," he said

"Yes its also Saint Patrick's Day," you said

"It that the day where they celebrate the color green like 4 leaf clovers and leprechauns," Zane said

"Yes pretty much," you said

"Anyways since this is a special day can I take my special girl to a restaurant," Zane said

"Zane your so flattering," you said as he took you


Lloyd knocked at your door you opened and saw Lloyd in his green ninja GI

"Hey," Lloyd said

"Hi uhm... did you go to a mission or something," you said

"No its Patrick's day and your not wearing green," he said pointing to your clothes

"Ha ha anyways what you gonna do pinch me or something," you said

"No I'm not gonna pinch because your my girl," he said

"OK ," you said as you let him in

"So how's it going being the green/golden ninja," you said

"Awesome," he said

"Your so lucky your a ninja," you said

"You know what else what lucky I have," Lloyd said

"Wh-" you were interuppted by Lloyd kissing you

"You," Lloyd said pulling away

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

So April's Fool is Coming Up on April 1

Any ideas for the pranks

Comment down below

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