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You opened your door to find May dressed as a cat

"Hey whatsup girl where's your costume?" May asked looking at what you were wearing which was only your ninja Gi

"Don't tell me you are going to wear your Gi for Halloween" She pointed out

"Why not it's halloween people are just going to think it is a costume besides all the costumes were sold out" You said as you looked at May

"Shame on you" She said as she did the sign language with her fingers {Have you ever done that when you say shame on you and showing it with your fingers}

"Anyways lets head to the monastery before any trick or treaters show up trust me kids around here will actually do a horrible trick to you if you don't give them any candy" You said as you closed the door

Once you two reached the monastery you knocked at the door as Nya opened it dressed as a popstar

"Have you seen Kai?" You asked as she nodded

"Sure come right in"She said as she let both of you in

"Thanks also you rock in that dress" You said as you made your way to the room where Kai was playing his video gamed with the rest of the ninja

"How come none of you wearing your costumes?" May asked them

"Maybe because we are too old for halloween" Kai said as Mays mouth dropped open she is going to rage mood

This is part is cut out due to Mays attack

"Ok,ok just control your friend" Kai said as the ninja and you finally pry May off of Kai

"I was only kidding besides I am already wearing my costume" He said which was only his Gi

"Both of your costumes are so lame" May said as you finally went out to get this Halloween started


Oh yes Cole lost the bet instead of dressing him up let's make his worst fear come true

"Come on Cole stop being a scaredy cat" You said as you tried to drag him inside the haunted maze

"I am not a scaredy cat it is just that...." Cole paused trying to find what to say next

As you may know in the Ninjago season Cole is afraid of ghosts

"Wow and I thought you were the toughest in the team" You said

"Hey I heard that" He said as you finally had an idea

"If you go inside I'll give you cake" You said to him

"You can't bribe me with cake not this time" He said

"Come on you're holding up the line" The lady said as everyone started complaining

"Ok then I guess I have to tell the ninja what I caught you doing last week" You said as Cole's eyes widen

"You wouldn't dare" He said last week he did something so dumb you couldn't stop laughing for an hour

"Fine!" He said as he held your hand and walked you inside the darkness

Bit by bit every single thing started popping up like scary clowns, chainsaw noises, screaming, the girl from the ring , annabelle, ghost,scary things

Lets just say this maze has paranoid you


You walked inside the Monastery which was decorated in spooky decorations why because Jay had the idea to make it a haunted house

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