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You woke up extra early today. Kai and you were in charged of making the Thanksgiving decorations as the others were in charge with food. You looked at the time to see it 5:30 in the morning

"Time to wake up Kai" You said as you got out of bed and walked to his room

"Kai wake up we need to start decorating" You shaked him as he groaned and got out of bed

Skip the time

"Hey Nya?" You called out walking inside the kitchen

"Where did you put all of the decorations?" You asked

"I guess i left it in my room also all the plates are in the dining room" She said back as you thanked her and walked to her room finding the decorations and walking back downstairs

"Kai what are you doing?" You asked as you saw that he was layed back with the TV remote in his hands

"I am checking what time the game starts" He said back

"You can check that later now help me set up the table" You said as you dragged him to the dining room

"Ok you are in charge of the decorations and I am in charge of setting up the table got it" You said as he nodded

You walked towards the plates where the table cloth was and set it on the table Nya really went out on the items every single plates and utensils looked so fancy they probably cost a fortune

"I should start with the plates" You said as you put the big ones at the bottom and then the medium and small ones on top nest you started arranging the spoons, forks and knifes

Skip the time

It took forever but you guys were finally done

"This looks so fancy, it looks like we were invited to eat with the royalty" You said. Now all you guys had to do is wait to eat


Today you woke up extra early to get a head start in the kitchen you were in the charge to make the dessert

You decided to make pumpkin pie, blackberry tarts, macaroons, and cream puffs for dessert. You decided to start on the pumpkin pie first so you preheated the oven and got out all of your ingredients and materials you were about to start mixing when

"Y/N what are doing?" Someone asked you looked up to see Cole in the doorway

"Pumpkin pie" You said as his face lit up

"Let me help you" He said as he walked towards you. At first you weren't even sure of letting Cole help you but when he gives you that smile you had too

"Fine you can start by putting in 1 teaspoon of cinnamon first" You said as he nodded. He walked towards the bowl and opened the bag of cinnamon then he was about to pour it in the bowl

"Cole what are you doing!?" You said

"Well I decided to measure it in by pouring it in" He said back

"Not like that Cole you need to do it the right way" You said as you grabbed a teaspoon of cinnamon and put it in the bowl. "Got it now?" You asked as he said yes

You guys mixed in the salt, ginger, pumpkin and sugar

"Ok here Cole all you have to do is put in 2 eggs and try not to get any of the shells inside" You said handing him an egg. He grabbed it and started tapping it on the bowl but he still couldn't crack it

"Try to do it a little harder" You said as he focused on the egg and in one hit he broke the whole egg

"Maybe that was a little too hard" You said "Here let a professional show you how its done" You said as you cracked the egg and poured in the yolk all in one hand

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