Winner -When you get kidnapped by your Ex boyfriend

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OK many have voted one has won so the winner is.........

When you get kidnapped by your Ex boyfriend

P.S. I will make the names for your Ex
Also if you know any of this names just pretend you dont

Kai and you were hanging out in the alley.

"So what you wanna do?" Kai asked

You thought for awhile until

"Umm... tag your it," you said as you tagged him and ran away

"Hey I wasn't ready!" Kai said as he started to chase you. You hid behind a wall so he wouldn't spot you.

"OK I'm save," you said as you peeked from the wall to see if Kai was there no one was there until you heard someone calling your name it was Kai so you hid

That's when a shadow looked like it was coming closer to you. You couldn't make who it was until the voice you heard

"Hey babe," It was your Ex boyfriend Derek

"Leave me alone," you said as you tried to walk away

"I don't think so," Derek said as he grabbed your wrist and put a rag on you making blackout

All you could remember hearing was

"Your girlfriend is mine!"


Your at my house for a sleepover (remember I'm your friend from when you catch him staring)

We were in my backyard in the night for no reason cause we just felt like going outside

"Hey I'm going go get a drink want anything," I said walking inside

"Sure,! You said

"OK" I said as I went to the kitchen

You were alone for a while doing nothing until someone from behind you grabbed you from your waist

You turned around and saw your Ex boyfriend Edward

"Hey how did you get here," you asked trying to get out from his grip but he was just to strong

"Jumped over the fence," he answered back to you

"Go away!" You yelled

"Lights out Y/N,! He said as he made you go to sleep

"Y/N!" That's what you heard before you blacked out


You getting out from one of your afterschool classes and walking alone to the monastery.

It was 6:00pm and windy but not too windy

You took a short cut in an alley when you heard someone tapping on the walls behind you

You were about to turn around when you hit the wall. You opened your eyes and saw the person you hated the most

Matthew your ex boyfriend the jerk who cheated on you

"Hey you doing Y/N" he said as he pinned you to the wall

"Matthew get off me you cheated on me remember," you said trying to get him off you

"Babe that was a mistake she isn't hot as you," he said as he was putting his face closer to yours

You were yelling for help but Matthew but his hand over your mouth

"You better watch what you saying Y/N!" Matthew said as he threw you over his shoulders

While you struggle to get down he put you down

"So that's how you want to play," he said before Lights out!


As a girl like you Zane is your first boyfriend so you didn't go out with anyone else before him

You were hanging out in the park waiting for Zane to come

When one of boys from your school came up to you

"Hey what you doing," he asked

It couldn't be no other than the biggest jock from school Felix the red headed who's always flirting with you cause of your natural beauty

"Nothing," you said as you stood up but was stopped by Felix who pulled you somewhere alone

"Hey what's your problem!" You asked annoyed

"My problem is that I want a hot girlfriend like you!" He yelled

"I have a boyfriend who is way better and cutier than you," you said as Felix face turned red with anger

"If I can't have you no one can," he said before you got knocked out


You were walking to your friends house it was half dark outside.

You were almost there when you were blind folded and pulled away

You struggled to get out but it didn't work

"Now you better be a good girl," the voice said

You stopped to think for a second to remember where you heard that familiar voice

That's when the person pulling you away ,blacked you out with some kind of sleeping gas for you to stop struggling

Who pulled you away?

Also don't worry the other chapters you guys voted on I will still put them up

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